Where's the PC patch that is meant to fix all the GamePass issues?

Have had GamePass on PC since E3 and one of the only games I want to play on it is MYZ. Road to Eden has been out for a few days now and the GamePass version of the game hasn’t had an update. This supposedly magical update was meant to fix all the GamePass issues, including the “not even being able to get past signing in” issue that I’ve experienced since day 1.

Support staff told everyone to “just wait until Road to Eden, it’ll all be fixed then”. So support? Where’s this patch?

wheres the patch?

Already posted the issues and problems 23days ago and I’m also still waiting since nothing seems to happen.

Oh, so the signing in issue is a common problem?

Well then, glad I wasted hours of my time thinking this was an issue specific to my PC

I don’t know which problems you’re having, but I currently have a freeze when starting a new game and the mouse cursor doesn’t take into account the Windows DPI scaling parameters.

Hello @trankillity, welcome to the forums!

There’s currently a patch undergoing internal testing aimed to be released within the next week specific for PC, which addresses many of the reported issues, we’ll share further details as soon as possible!

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