Which client is in use? [poll ]

So…I was wondering what the ratio of steam users and none-steamusers is. Nothing really accurate since that would need every player in existence to vote but a rough look at it.

Some basic playrules:

  • No “This game is dead”

  • No “Steam is better” or “Funcom client is better”

  • And take the poll as what it is…a guess made possible by people that are only a selective niche of the game.

I hope these few simple rules are easy enough that we don’t try to rip each other apart or need moderator intervention.

  • Steam
  • Funcom Client

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Did you post on reddit too?

So or so I don’t have a reddit account, so I can’t.
That said everyone that has an account can do it. Not Sure if reddit does support creating a poll (in discourse aka here it was easy and luckly doesn’t need much maintenance by me) but if it does feel free to do it, shouldn’t be much of a struggle.

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I ll ask my friend to post it, they are not playing SWL anymore but they posted at some point in SWL Reddit. Not going to be before tonight though.

EDIT: ok posted on Reddit.

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Ok I won’t say that one is better. I’ll just say that the Steam client is aptly named because it’s a huge steaming pile.

For info, the poll on Reddit seems to be converging toward c.52% Steam, c.48% FC launcher (362 votes).

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There are more votes in total on Reddit (362 vs. 60 on this forum).


Yeah already saw it. Not sure if it’S because steam players prefer reddit or because we just have less people voting here. All in all 1:1 is a good estimate…a few percentpoint up or down.
One thing for pretty certain is that we have less traffic/people here in the forum.

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Might simply be because Steam players are more likely to already have a Reddit account than a Funcom forums one. Nobody going to created the latter to just cast a vote.

Completely agree.
There may be some differences in the profile of people we are capturing in the different fora as well. Possibly people register on this forum are more engaged with the game than people on reddit than people on the Steam forum. That is what can make the interpretation of the results a bit complicated to the extent that very casual players would tend not to be on this forum or Reddit, but are slightly more likely to be captured within Steam.

Also, since the funcom client was the only option at launch, the enthusiast playerbase (the one with more online presence) is more likely to be on funcom client.

Amplified by the fact that Steam is now pretty much their only source of newcomers.