Which DLC to buy


My favorites

Architects of Argos
Treasures of Turan
Savage Frontier
Ryders of Hyboria

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Treasures of Turan
The jewel of the west
Architects of Argos

Other than the beautiful skins of the building pieces you might think about the special armors that the DLCs provide. This is for playing PVP, mainly:
I recommend using

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My personal favorites:
Jewel of the West
Architects of Argos
Treasures of Turan
Blood and Sand

These DLCs have building pieces that blend nicely together:

  • Argossean DLC brings vaulted ceilings and round pillars that work seamlessly with Aquilonian architecture.
  • Turanian round pillars, doors and gates also blend with Aquilonian relatively well.
  • Arena vaulted ceilings can be used within Turanian builds if you do it carefully.
  • Turanian stairs, awnings and fences blend well with arena pieces.
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Blood and Sand, forgot that one :slight_smile:

Before you buy be aware the hit box on the bed is broken and is 3 feet off the floor just so you are not surprised after purchase. :slight_smile:

Savage Frontier is my favorite.

Buy bugs :slight_smile:

Really? I didn’t have this issue with mine on day one. Maybe it’s something they changed recently.

Really I was being serious been reported more then once, once by me.

And here

I tested it again today after the update and it is still broken.

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I own some DLCs and my favorites are in order:

  1. Blood and sand, I love the building and armor pieces, simple and strong
  2. Architects of Argos, This is one beautiful, the armors are great and the building pieces are neat
  3. Savage Frontier, i love to use this one as interior pieces, and i like the armors, the weapons not so much
  4. Treasures of Turan, This one is also beautiful andstylish, but the persian style is not for me at all, too exotic for me.
  5. Debaucharies of Darketo, This one has nice building pieces to work well with any other DLC, but it sucks a bit on its own. the armor pieces are nice and the tavern decorations are welcome.
  6. Riders of Hyboria, to be honest i don’t like this one at all, the building pieces are ok, i like to use it in combination with arena pieces, but on their own is kinda bad for me, the armors, for me, seems a bit out of place, they feel more like a medieval costume than anything related to the rest of hyboria, i don’t like them, but some weapons looks nice.

Those are all i own, i don’t care at all for asian style buildings and armor so i’m not planning on buying the imperial east or the seekers of dawn, but i will buy jewel of the west sooner or later.

I’m not really fan of the conan movies of the 80s, so the riddle of steel is pointless for me.

If u r a player that is not a builder khitan and frontier is all that u need… If u r a builder i would go for argos and turanian dlc… They look different and allow many combinations to get ur builds a unique look … Get on youtube and check em as many youtubers have made videos on them … pay attention to the armour bonuses and looks so u will come to love what u wear… After all the armourbis what u will wear most

Mi opinión son el nuevo arquitecto de argos con el aquilonio el imperio del este con el buscadores del sol naciente que son construcciones que se enlazan muy bien con sus convinaciones desde luego los otros Dan mucho que desear pero verás que muchos que te contestamos estamos de acuerdo con los mismos dlcs

Also to mention aquilaion and Argos dlcs were made to go with each other as well but those are my favorite next is hybora then kitan also note that the savage and the Japan one do not come with placeables as during the time load issues were bad but they did lots of optionzation) sorry dam autocorrect) thus they have animals skins to save on load at the time hope that helps

The Khitan DLC is good you can get cold medium strength and cold heavy encumbrance which is the only cold encumbrance amour which is nice for farming in the snow area.

It really depends…

Armor Styles? Sexy Time Outfits? Some new Building Stuff?


Aquilonia, Armor Styles are some of my Fave,
Love Light Scout Armor, And I loved Building Styles, (makes for great Bath House or swiming pool room) Also has some good chairs and Banners nice touch.

Khitan. Love Roof style, and Red Walls and Window frames don’t matter which way they face.
Good newbie Cold Armor, Got a few nice place-able. (love Paper lantern (which is bugged and very hard to place right now) Got a small folding wall that I love.

Derkito… Cause Sexy time armor and Tree base, with Stage Pieces. Inn Outfit for placing thrall behind Bar.

Riders of Hyboria. Alot of placeables I wish were base game…
But I love Latte Wall and fences… Sadly Several of stable sections, have no stablity support and make connecting roofs on them …well …alot of swear words come to mind)
I Both enjoy what works… and hate fact I payed for it.

Arena, Not a fan of PVP, But Building places make for great Foundations-Dungeon Basement.
I have not made Armor.

I’ve own Aqu, Khitan and Derkito since there release. I just picked up Arena, Hyboria and Yamatai last night.
Regerting the Yamatai one… Roof slightly off color from Khitan.(only thing I liked) And wasnt a fan of white walls, as I thought I would be.
Love Japanese themed armors… I just need Manqueens to palce them on now. XD

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I think the aquilonion one looks best, you cant ever go wrong with the white and gold look just looks pristine

In the end you want all of them.

But im a packrat so what do i know? :smiley:

Technically all of it as you can buy it once in a while and it’s unlocked permanently. My favorite so far is probably the Turanian set, and the Aquilonian and Argosean. But that’s also because I’ve used them a little bit making safe zones for myself all over my sandbox to run from marauding beasts / npcs that are chasing me. If they come close enough to my bases I almost feel bad when my personal army engages on them. I wander around with each thrall for a while until it’s level 20 and place them to guard my base so I am sure you can imagine how that hurts :slight_smile:

  1. Architects of Argos
  2. Jewel of the West
  3. Treasures of Turan
  4. Blood and Sand

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