Which Font or UI Slider?

I don’t suppose anyone knows which font and/or slider might control this new pop-up for picking a difficulty when entering the faction missions?

I have my font set up around double (since I’m running 3840x2160), and this window is all messed up. Plus, I can’t tell if there is a level 1-2 and level 9-10, or if those options are just squished out? :disappointed: If there is like ‘one’ of the many lines of fonts in ‘fonts.xml’ that covers this file, but doesn’t affect the chat, I could just change that one.

Have you changed lines in the font.xml? If this UI share font settings with something else, then that could be your issue. As for the options. 1-2 is not there as this mission start at 3, and if you are E8 then 9-10 will not show either

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Ok, thank you. It’s possible I just see what I see.

Yes, I have to have a custom fonts.xml to read anything on my screen, as they haven’t bothered to do any sort of ‘automatic scaling’ (like ArenaNet did for GW2 within the last year or so) that just … works.

I poked at this briefly with the debug UI, and it looks like one of the “magic” dialogue boxes. So all the layout and display code seems to be hidden away someplace I don’t know how to access, and I don’t see any likely settings, either published or hidden, that affect it.

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