Which has been your favorite Downloadable Pack so far?

Yes I do like and use all of them. I use Aquilonian building pieces just a bit more often, and Blood and sand has many new ones I plan to use for my new end-game base so I voted for them.

Also more head options so all the Yamatai and Khitan exiles can look appropriate without also all having the same face, just sayin’…

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How in the sweet jimmy-jams did I miss this part?

Oh right, I’d just woken up when I voted.

Well here’s what I’d like to see:

  • As previously stated, I’d shell out for a DLC with nothing but casual clothing sets in a heartbeat. Preferably in a wide range of cultural styles, so there’s something for everyone.
  • An all-weapon set would be cool too, just let the design team go hog wild with various cultural designs. Or an all-placeable set. Look, all I’m saying is that I won’t complain if you guys decide to branch out from the current “building pieces, armors, placeables/pet skins, warpaints” scheme.
  • More cultural sets. A Stygian, Shemite, Hyrkanian, Kush!te, or Vendhyan set would be especially cool.
  • Not really a specific theme but I’d also like to see the trend of armors based on Age of Conan designs continue.

All I wish for Christmas is …

Khitan one, perfect mix of really cool armors, building blocks and placeables. And arena one for the vaulted celings alone.
That being said, your artist are doing so much good work its hard to chose.

My first vote went to the Jewel of the West. In my opinion, it’s by far the most complete and well-rounded DLC so far: building pieces, decorations and gear – and plenty of all three! Plus, it really looks spectacular.

My second vote was much harder to cast. I use Treasures of Turan extensively, so it was a strong contender, but in the end, my vote went to Blood and Sand, for its vaulted ceilings and arched doors. We need more of that. A lot more :wink:

Which brings me to:

My answer goes along these lines:

TL;DR: I’d love a DLC that introduces missing building pieces that would make previous DLCs well-rounded (pun intended).

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I really would like to see a DLC pack with glass building pieces. This would be amazing


Blood and Sand and Riders of Hyboria along with the Savage Frontier pack gave me all the building pieces and content I needed to make my dream castle and have a fully functional stable to go with it, I use the Arena building pieces for the outside of the castle and the Frontier walls for the inner sections that are meant to look more decorative and warm.

I love the arena banners (banners are seriously needed, especially large wall banners) and the stable pieces are awesome, especially the addition of gates.

I do like the tavern stuff from the Debauchery pack, I actually just finished up building a little tavern-esque feasting hall off to the right of my castles throne room…

Though I will say that pack could have used a little more Derketo given the name

So those three are my top packs, though one thing I will say is that I’m still hoping for better wells and drawbridges that match all these building styles one day soon…

All in all it’s hard to say what my favorite pack is because there is so much cool stuff in all of them >.>;; so I’ll say “it’s a tie between all the packs that give me a lot of Norse themed stuff because it’s awesome, the packs that give me castle stuff, the packs that give me Egyptian and Persian-esque stuff for my pyramid/desert themed places and the packs that make me dream of having my own npc heavy calvary.”

I missed it to it seems…

Dancer - Clothing pack, Doesnt all have to be skimpy, But fitting to each race, throw in some Normal clothes. Toss in some Small door mat rugs, circles, ovals, squares.

Some can even be low grade light armors.

Love to see several styles, 1 from each race.

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Oh, future dlc? Nordheimer ofc. Bring me some viking love.


hey! you generally did a good job except maybe the yamatai, which is very beautiful but not in context.

since it requires an opinion on the future dlc I would have liked to review two old armors the tempest of set and the archer on age of conan.

I would have liked to see other people in value, Aesir, shemite, koth, Vanir, but especially Vendhyan.

here you have good artists continue to be inspired, except for the Templar helmet! and please no tiger, lizard or flying dog mount! don’t give in to temptation!

I am sure that I also speak for numerous others when I say that I would absolutely love, and I mean love the following two features to be included in any given upcoming DLC content pack:

  1. Hair & Beard style customisation option (eg- a Barber or Vanity Mirror)

  2. Armour Display Manequinns/Racks


I want a DLC of sexier clothes for women.

Same as Conan’s original comics

I even pay more for this DLC.

I want light, medium and heavy sexier armor.


They are my favorites too.

Blood and sand = building pieces for castles.

Derketo Jewelry Clothing

And Hiborian Knights = Thrall Armor, Horses, and beautiful weapons.


I would love an atlantean, acheronian, hyperborean and cimmerian DLCs for the next season

Have one more request for future dlc/content. I know is going to sound moronic, and it probably is. I have no I idea of the possibilities of this, although I would imagine they are quite low. But I wish there were a way, any way that we could have Emberlight included in the base game so that console players could enjoy it too. There are sooo many cool features in that Mod and I am happy to admit that I am extremely jealous. Well a man can dream…


I agree with Croms_Faitful
I never used Emberlight but when I read this, I took a look at it.
It would be a great addition to the game, and it has features I see a lot of people ask about.

I would like to also toss in WYSIWYG Wheel of pain, it lets you see the thrall being trained, this should have been in the game from day one IMHO.

Thank you Funcom for this wonderful game.


100% agree!

Voted Jewel of the West and the Derketo-pack. But basicly love and use them all except for the Seekers and Khitai-packs. Was never that much into that part of Hyboria even back in AoC

This for future wishes!!!

I’d like to see an Acheronian DLC to lay open the secrets of this fallen empire :wink: