Which has been your favorite Downloadable Pack so far?

But that can easily be debated due to the inclusion of internet explorer on Xbox which gives anyone access to pornographic material. The only way to make sure kids don’t have access is to use the parental control system. Claiming it is a child’s toy is a cop out in order to rip off those who are into to the lore of Conan. You can even buy Conan the Barbarian on Xbox which is full of nudity and has graphic sexual content such as the ■■■ scene with the witch.

You forgot the Hitman game where you go into a ■■■ club in South America and there are girls being raped which again proves how much BS the it’s a child’s toy claim is. Me I just went through the club and gunned everyone down. Nude bodies everywhere. :smiling_imp:

I didn’t say I thought it’s a child’s toy.

I said wholesalers do, the only reason for the censorship is because wholesalers are afraid of public opinion.

America is a puritanical country, I dislike censorship as much as you do, but in america it is a fact of life.

Different distributors have differing views on censorship. Blaming Funcom for censorship, is like blaming Johnny Cash for the Bleep in the song Boy Named Sue. If he didn’t want that lyric it wouldn’t be in the song. His Distributors had it bleeped, pointing to a Hip-Hop song having much worse lyrics, has nothing to do with the artist, and everything to do with distribution.



Savage Frontier and Blood and Sand. Love the armors and building pieces. I wish you guys will keep improving the game and adding a new DLC. If you stop, your best milking cow will die very quickly. .

This is true. It’s also going to make me put on some Johnny Cash. A double helping of excellent.

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I would love to have a DLC which fits well in the desert besides the ones we have already something not so flashy.

  • Stygian (Sepermeru) building style.

Agreed. For better or worse, though, DLC packs have so far been exclusively (and perhaps understandably) locked into T3.

Normally I’d say that means anything that looks haphazard or shabby has no chance, but with the release of the Stables style (latticed wood and hay) still having T3 strength, perhaps that’s no longer a concern. Of course “not flashy” does not equal “shabby”, it can just mean strictly utilitarian, so there’s also that.

Actually I’m not quite sure what point I was trying to make here, except a vague sort of support for more styles fit for the desert.


The Stygia one… oh wait…

Well, in abstence of the Stygia one (seriously make one!) Debaucheries of Derketo :slight_smile:

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I really like the turanian one however it is a luxurious dlc, i want something for the peasants. I am fine with T3 because I want it to fit but still resist the purges. Some would argue that we already have the stone ones but I am missing a sandy one (no bricks).

DLC skins for different quality levels: a new look for Obsidian, Serpent-man or Dragonbone weapons, a new look for Godbreaker, Black Corsair, or Pride of the Aesir armor. Maybe implement as something that uses the original form as a reagent if concerned about balance?

Different appearances for functional structures like wheels of pain, large water wells, vaults, temples.

Give us stucco! Maybe we get an Artisan Mason feat so that we can craft those lush desert stylings like in Set City.

If I could make a wish, it’d be that alongside the paid DLC, we get a free pack that gives the same DLC treatment to the Nords. I think it’s an integral civ that could use a loving buff.

How about a DLC with just add on building pieces for the already released DLCs?
Something like larger windows and different door options. Wouldn’t mind seeing something between a regular door and the gate door.

@Adam006 they tried that with the saddles and many complained that they should be added in the respective dlcs for free with the reasoning that they belong there. While I understand where you are coming from, I think it will be a bad PR move.

A DLC with a range of building pieces that are T1 instead of T3; a way to start off different, or to fill in utility buildings with temporary structures. Call the style “improvised”, “barbaric”, or “savage”.

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Id also like to have a dlc with placeables for stuff that already exists in game; the sep catwalks, the darfari tents, etc.

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