Which Iteration of Combat Has Been Your Favourite?

There has been many different changes to the combat system over the years, which has been your favourite ?

I included some features in brackets to jog your memory :+1:

Which Iteration of Combat Has Been Your Favourite ?
  • 2.9 & before (combat stance, reliable dodge frames, less health & more damage)
  • 3.0 Age of Sorcery (thinner hitboxes, faster character turning, attribute changes)
  • Age of War Chapter 1 (stamina changes, weapon balance changes)
  • Age of War Chapter 2 (aimbot)
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It may sound weird but I actually liked combat the best way back from ea and release where there weren’t a perk system, it was much simpler, and while it did need some adjustments + some parry functions, it still felt really good, to me it kinda feels like all the combat changes just made it easier and less skillbased over time :slight_smile:


Not weird at all but also I have to disagree. Combat back then, to me, was annoying and I always had to tell myself combat is a small component of this game and with the building and strategies of thrall use back then, it made up for the dismal combat.

I know I’m in the complete minority here but I actually like the stamina changes done on top of sorcery attribute rework. It put us as the center stage and was fun to play at that point. This chapter’s aiming thing is just…not smooth. NPCs magically start turning and caters to 1 button mashing.

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It balances out with dodge for heavy.

the stamina changes are some of the worst things they’ve done to the game and to combat.
throughout the game development of the game they always get 1 thing right but ruin something else at its expanse…


Lumping everything before 3.0 into one category is kinda silly.

That said. I personally like most of the changes that came with AoW. I think the HP nerf on mobs was a little bit too much, but overall, it’s better than it was.
Because let’s be real, combat was never challenging. Each boss has like 3 telegraphed moves they spam on repeat and that’s it.

No preference- i can adapt to any style.

Learning new combat actions is fine by me.

if you have anything above 99 ping combat IS challenging.

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I had a lot of fun doing pre-AoS combat. The momentum mechanic encouraged actual trading, DOTs like bleed were deadly enough that enemies had to slow down and apply a crippling bandage, and individual skill expression was so meaningful that one particularly skilled player could body an entire clan under the right circumstances. That said, the endless food healing and fixed heavy armor meta meant that some fights could last way too long. The longest fight I had in this meta was a duel that was 1 hour and 17 minutes long.

The AoS meta brought a lot of healthy changes from a PvP perspective. Potion healing mitigated the issue of fight length, running attacks meant that the spear was no longer the sole chasing weapon, and the new attribute system enabled a wide variety of builds and allowed players to tailor their style towards any of the three armor classes. AoS also saw archery enter a truly viable state for the first time in the game. Agility builds could defend themselves in a melee and agility attributes encouraged a more reflexive style of play than strength. My only serious criticism of AoS is that momentum was removed, which meant that running away was way easier in a fight. That said, AoS was definitely my favorite meta for the freedom of play that it offered in PvP and PvE.

As for AoW? It’s a goofy joust-roll-bow meta that defers more to latency than skill. It’s not particularly fun from a PvP or PvE perspective. The PvP meta is to just go 20 str, 20 vit, and 20 agi to min-max damage because grit doesn’t matter in a situation where your stamina recovers instantly. There’s no downside to spamming roll-pokes or sprinting away to use a bow.