Which Khitai dungeons are in what dungeon tier?

Doing dungeon hunting, but of course AoC Armory is literally cheese full of holes and lacks entries. So I’m trying to pinpoint possible drop locations. So which Khitai dungeons are in what dungeon tier?

General rule of thumb:

Everything in Northern grasslands is t1
Everything in Chosain is t2
Everything in Kara Korum and Paikang is t3

There was a very nicely written guide in the old forum, which got rage deleted by its author when the forums where shut down, again.
I translated it into german back in the day with his permission, you can find it in my guilds forum, and it actually translates quite well back to english with google translator. I can not find it anywhere in english, perhaps someone who is better with this interwebs can find an older version of this site:

I saved some other guides from that guy in my guilds forum, also with his permission. He just didn’t want them to be posted on any of FCs official forums again. Ahh, so much drama, good old days.

Dungeon Tier guide in german:

Some other nice guides in english:
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