Which major changes do you dislike since 2019?


I am curious which kind of changes people dislike specifically (if any). If it’s not on the list, add it to the discussion as h1 (use # at the beginning of the line): # Example

  • Weapon animation changes (2019)
  • Trebuchet changes (2019)
  • Mounts (2019)
  • Follower leveling (2019)
  • New dodge roll (2019)
  • Funcom Live Services
  • New healing system
  • Workbench changes
  • Worker thrall changes
  • Fishtrap changes
  • Stamina changes (testlive)
  • I am (still) happy with the game

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For the thing I am most unhappy with you would need to go back before launch.

  1. Archery,
    It was better before the pre-launch combat update.

Although they have made it tolerable since the original change.
I would gladly give up the gimmick arrows, the goofy “perks” and the brain dead target lock.
Just to have the old system that actually took some skill, and could kill other player avatars from a fair distance.

I can’t vote due to on console and I think this is for pc as live services is only pc but you only put pve and pvp I assume this is for pc only or am I wrong if wrong I’m waiting for all of the changes for Xbox cause I would like to try them out as I can tell it will be entertaining

No it isn’t.

When the pre-launch update happened. Archery wasn’t nerfed. It was never balanced with every other weapons’ damage output. I had a good bit of argument with people back than and Funcom about Archery’s place in the game. I ran numbers, I ran tests. I even made a mod that fixed archery and had it tested on a large scale (in 25+ versus 25+ sieges).

Eventually Funcom buffed Archery. The damage values were increased by 30-50% across the board. Running my mod which made archery somewhat in line with melee will actually Nerf your archery right now.

The only problem with Archery right now is the 40 attribute perk knockdown not doing bonus heavy attack damage. This is a bug. Funcom has acknowledged this is a bug. It should be fixed on Testlive.

But even with that bug. Archery is 100x better than pre-launch. They’re not even close to comparison. Taking 20 arrows to kill a Hyena is not good, neither is 30-40 to kill a crocodile. That’s what old Archery did.


We’re talking apples and oranges.

I agree that the damage was sub par, it took too many arrows.
I suppose it’s my fault for the misunderstanding, I was trying to be concise and I never seem to be able to phrase things properly.

I’m referring to the machinic - right click zoom in hold, tap left fire.
In other words how archery worked, yes it needed a damage buff, but I miss the zoom and hold, tap machinic.

edit: Oh and the ability to fire accurately while moving, that’s where “skill” came in, I imagine it was removed because of the target lock thing, that I never use with a bow because it’s really melee distance.

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I am only 2 years in the game but I believe that when I started the game I needed 200 bone arrows to kill a rhino and the assistance of a tiger :joy::joy::joy:. Ofcurce I was really low level and my bow was handmade, still I remember go to savanna, fix a small sandstone post, climb to the edge and start shooting one to the rhino to come close and one to the tiger. So the tiger was fighting the rhino and I was shooting the rhino. I needed almost 200 bone arrows per rhino :joy::joy::joy:. However I am not in the game from day one so I cannot say if @droch-aon is right or wrong. Still I say how I found things when I started :wink:.

I am ps4 player but I think I can vote to some of them :wink:. I really dislike at the beginning the dodge change and the sprint change, both of them was to much for me. Still I get used to it, the only thing that changed however and I never really understood the reason is the 2 handed sword animation. Since they changed this animation I never use great swords anymore. It is pitty that we cannot use the Adventurer blade anymore and only thralls can. I say this because the heavy combo before was awesome, only bosses could stop it, but on normal fights it was awesome, it really made you feel like Conan the barbarian. I really miss this animation, it would be wonderful to come back, thank you :+1:.


I get you now. Its not a problem.

We might have to agree to disagree. But I might be a bit biased because of how invested I got with it when I was trying to get some numbers to throw at Funcom 2 years ago when it was lagging behind Melee. I got really good with it. And this isn’t a ‘everyones gotta suck with it at first before they get good’ sort of opinion. I really do appreciate the nuances associated with it.

On another note… controller users are boned on Archery. And I have no idea how they could fix it without doing something stupid to it. But this might be beyond this topic.


Mine is not listed, the increased in stack sizes. Made hoarding even easier and basically took survival to a new thin low.

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Yeah I agree there to a point some items should have low stack in terms of the items you put them in but that’s also why I have my harvest rate set to 0.1(that’s what I prefer as it make things less available and my building cost multiple by 2.5 to make it that much more difficult) but I
Understand why they did but they did say something about a storage overhaul or something like that so let’s see what they do

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Take a deep breath and start from the beginning :wink:.

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Funcom Live Services would be my number one issue. Not being able to play without it even in single player is… just wrong.


not listed:

  • Siptah

So Developers stated Exiles is beyond repair, make a new map which fails, now have 2 construction sites, want to glue both somehow together though they have very different approaches.

So Exiles isn’t fixed cause developer resources are now on Siptah, Siptah isn’t liked, so they try to make it more like Exiles. “We have a round wheel” “That is stupid, let’s make it edgy” “The edgy wheel noone wants” “let’s fabricate edgy wheels further but we try to get them more round”. Doesn’t make me very confident about this games’ future.

“everything is messed”
“let’s make a new map with a TOTAL new approach”
“yeah, let’s make… pyramid wheels” (new DLC with seperate map)
“the pyramid wheels noone wants”
“let’s glue things together and try to make round pyramid wheels”
… the story goes on… (go directly to start, don’t take 4000$)

Ha…the only two I didnt vote for was “I like the game” and “Trebuchet changes”. Didnt think so many things on that list were things I disliked!

I’m quite pleased where the game is currently. I’m also particularly looking forward to the changes coming to Siptah mentioned in the producer’s letter. I haven’t played with Testlive, but, from what I recall, none of the changes troubles me.

There was one item in the poll that confused me because I’m not sure what it’s referring to. That item is the “worker thrall changes.”

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That’s the change regarding the flawless items. They added 3 different tiers to most of the T4 worker thralls. (Example: Bladesmith, Tempersmith and Edgesmith on the blacksmith side). Also the change that worker thralls do not reduce costs anymore.


Ah. I’m actually curious to eventually get a T4 blacksmith to see what the bonuses are like. The cost reduction was more than made up for by the new crafting benches.

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@Ciero9 For these I cannot vote, only because I am console player and still I have not seen these. Still for pvp I can understand @SirDaveWolf. Pvp is a contest with time in this game, ofcurce if you play with normal settings, every chance is important. For months you may have everything and in 2 hours to loose everything, so tired or not, working tomorrow or not, it is late or not, you must stand on your feet again. So finding a T4 thrall, except oathbreaker , is random, luck. From what I read here in Siptah is almost impossible. So I think I understand why this complaint exists. Either way these folks here, most of them play the game since day one, they are true veterans, ofcurce they love the game and nothing can stop them, nothing. Maybe the cheaters😉. We need their opinion because they can judge better than anyone this game. Still it is only an opinion with a taste of complaint, nothing more.

Looks like the new healing system is not well received so far.

Imagine a blacksmith that cannot make a pointed edge on a sword, no thats his grandfather master blackmsith that needs to do that.