Which major changes do you dislike since 2019?


I don’t like that we need to use a BLACKSMITH on the TANNER’s Table to craft silk.

I don’t like how LEGENDARY weapons and armor have been rendered to a not so legendary status with the way the new benches function.

I do not like how most Legendary items are almost just copies of each other and that the item description really doesn’t mean much. For example a weapon that is supposed to provide more armor penetration but does not.

I do not like the nerf to damage done by NPC enemies. Sure this made playing Barbaric easier but if I wanted it to be easier I wouldn’t be playing Barbaric.

I do not like the myriad of inconsistencies present within the game. One example is in the Mounds of the Dead. The Cimmerians there mostly wield star metal weapons yet only drop hardened steel weapons. I can understand this from a game balance perspective but from an immersion perspective this doesn’t work for me.

There’s more I do not like. However, I feel like it’s just a waste of time to mention everything. IMO this is Funcoms game and they should make it the way they want to. If I don’t like it I will play something else. Sadly, I see that day looming on the horizon.

I really wish that someone from Funcom really loved Conan Exiles. It needs a rework from the ground up. IMO someone that really loved the game could have started the process when the pandemic first hit. They already have the systems, lore and creatures/NPC’s in place. So a lot of the work has already been done. Instead as someone else pointed out they decided to channel their energy into a new map.

Others have mentioned in the past that CE is a Conan game only in name. Sadly, I’ve come to agree with this. Where are the stealth elements? Wasn’t Conan as much a thief as a warrior?

In any event, thank you Funcom for the 1000’s of hours of gameplay I and others have had with the game.

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