Which perk is your least favorite/used

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Based on another thread about cat like reflexes, i have was trying to see which perks are the least favorite. I listed only ones i personally never care to use. was wondering howthe community felt about these.

  • Survivlai-Antidote of One. Invulnerability to poisons and diseases. Strength of detrimental status effects are reduced by 20%.
  • Survival-Bronzed Physique. All direct combat damage you take is reduced by 10%.
  • Accuracy-Trick Shot. Shots fired from your bow will ricochet if you miss your target.
  • Accuracy-Steady Hands. All ranged and thrown weapons now do 10% more damage.
  • Accuracy-Shafted. Every headshot deals 50% more damage.
  • Other-Perk not listed
  • None-I like them all!!!

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Oh this is cool! :slight_smile: I’m also curious.

ME too. After getting a couple of flagged posts :slight_smile: i figured i wanted to do something semi positive to show i am not a complete d–che.


Nimble Tumbler is my least favorite. The most likely way you’ll ever even get it is if you’re aiming for the double jump perk and wearing thief armor, which is already light.

I hate infinite encumbrance.

Second Nimble Tumbler is the least favorite, when you pick it for the double jump its basically useless because you are already in light armor.

-Least Fave

Anything In Survival…
Raw and Bloody Why… I hate quick slotted when raw meat is added… its survival game. Mistake is a mistake, he he he… It makes me pay attention.
hard worker faster gather… anything that ruins “realism” in animation from quick gather to quick reload is instant hate for me.
Last 3 seem good, But I would have get 2 Perks i Do Not want to get them…

  • Cat-like (I like this one and its placement)
    I see why some hate it, but Agility is one of my sub-stats, And half damage is handy since i climb alot during exploring. Walk of small ledges… XD

As someone whos sleep in top of bunk bed, and slides out, and ignores ladder… you in fact do not lose 1/4 health bar… LOL (and I turn 34 soon)


You know, Ricochet isn’t that bad if you’re doing a full Accuracy build. With a legendary bow with 76 dmg plus Set arrows I can kill rhinos in just a few shots. Especially with head shots. And ricochet helps me when I miss or I can purposefully use it to make some cool shots, lol.

For the record, I’m using the Flawless Stygian Raider set (+5 Accuracy) and the Eye of the Khan bow (+9 Accuracy) with Set arrows for poison damage. This way, when I wear the armor and have the bow equipped, I have full accuracy without having to actually spend those last few expensive points into it.

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I would of voted for the encumbrance perk where you can hold infinite weight but it wasn’t listed. Not because I think the trait is weak, but it is imo game breaking and defeats the purpose of encumbrance really.


Trick shot, arrows can’t ricochet, you miss you missed.

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I think they can but not remotely close to this degree and it isn’t practical in any given situation. What benefit could there be from aiming away from your target?

It should be drastically reduced in angle and be rolled into all arrows passively, as should many other traits with their given categories.

I find the hit boxes for heads to be very very finicky and even as an archery person I would rather dump stats somewhere else.

Trick shot is amazing to ensure humanoids get crippleled

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I manage head shots just fine. I love it.

I dont use trick shot very often on humans, small/mid animal wise I use it alot, This way when there running at me I can aim at legs or head try time it. If I miss, trick shot kicks in, and yays!

You can youtube some arrow trickshots, some neat stuff.

I’d personally just make them bounce on default do to physics, and make lv2 perk 10% damage, (as bows need buffs badly)


I know no one that dumps anyhing but 1 point into survival for most builds.

I do imagine that our final s in savages might become sorcery.

Who knows. Unlimited encumbrance is stupid. That’s just game breaking on pve or even pve conflict.

Most people want to at meet one level of combat. Or maybe not. Who knows.

But still. Great broken perk.

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The thing about max Encumbrance is, there’s a huge penalty. That is that you have almost no stamina to do anything with. On a full Encumbrance you can barely run 10 feet before being out and can maybe do one right-handed attack loop before being out. It’s really not that OP, imo.


Finally someone who knows what they are talking about! Max Enc is totally gimped for combat purposes if actually utilized (and that’s fine). But for a 50-point perk it’s in no way OP.


Thanks! I have about 800 hours, I hope I know what I’m talking about, lol. I used it a lot, even in combat, and I loved it. But the stamina issues make it rough.


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I don’t use anything from accuracy or survival, so…

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