White Hand Bloodlord - Frost Swamp

What are the spawn locations for the White Hand Blood in the Frost Swamp. If I remember correctly, there are three. 1 at the beginning, 1 before 2nd camp… where’s the third? Does he always spawn?

he does not always spawn.

So, are there only the 2 points?

So, recently in attempt to speed things up, we’ve been avoiding all the mobs at the start up until the main camp. We’ve done this about 10-15 times and have only encountered the boss once. Is this regular spawn rate for him, or is skipping the mobs at the beginning causing him not to spawn? (And yes, we are checking the spawn point at the beginning from a distance).

This boss is a rare spawn. Don’t quote it but it seems to be 10-15% chance you’ll get the boss.

And 1% chance the recipe will drop.

Great odds!