White Landscape Bug Still Present

Online private | Co-op)]
PvE ]
Xbox Series S

Bug Description:

Despite 6 gig of patches, distant landscapes on Siptah are still pure white.

Expected Behavior:

Distant landscapes should not be OMG!WHITE!

Steps to Reproduce:

Start game. It’s there for all of us.

Dear Funcom. I downloaded yet another 6 gig of patches for this game yesterday, and honestly hoped and expected the serious bugs that were introduced in the last 54gig patch to be fixed. But, this pure white landscape bug is still present. It makes the game unplayable for my gaming group.

Could you please fix it? We’re paying server rental, we paid for the game. Heck a month or so ago I even upgraded to an Xbox Series S so I could play this game more smoothly.

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