White Sands Island PvP

This is an issue someone on the Steam Forums posted:

“On white sands isle I managed to get killed by higher ranking players several times. And I wasnt challenging them to a duel or a match, I was simply minding my own business pursuing a quest. I’m currently lvl 15 and these playersw were lvl 80.”

Here’s the original post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/217750/discussions/0/1696049513764304568/ 7

A long time ago the max level for WSI was lvl 26, probably to prevent things like this. I’m guessing when the World Boss was introduced with WSI being one of the spawn points, it was lifted.

I’m bring this up in light of the talk about a Saga Pvp server. If level 80’s are allowed to farm the low levels on WSI like this I don’t see the server lasting very long.


when you create an character, the default option is Fury and you need to “change” to PvE server. That IMHO kill the game for most noobs. In fact, most negative steam reviews have 2-4 hours on this game. This is probably the expected time to be on game until someone start to farm upon you.

I hate the idea of open world PvP. Mainly when you have stats aka k/d, Why? Because encourages to “camp” and kill your enemies when they are questing. Encourages to farm low level players wich destroys the experience from low level players, encourages guilds to control posts vital to level your character and is not fun either.

If you wanna a Open world pvp, the minimum is :

  • You can’t attack someone 3 levels bellow you
  • There are a item to prevent PvP for 5 minutes for 50 silver(prevent guilds from monopolizing vital areas to progress)
  • No gear dependency(to be fair, AoC is less gear dependent than most mmorpgs)
  • The game should be balanced and is impossible to ballance AoC since there are soo many build variety.
  • If you attack someone when the person is questing/killing mobs, then the person have all cooldowns reseted and max mana/hp and the mob will retreat and reset. You should’t be able to use a mob to have a boss + a player VS a player. This isn’t fair

Fury is open world. Do not roll there if you’re a newcomer. you have been warned

Technically you have no warning. You simple create a character and the default option is Fury without any warning…

Consider that your warning from a long time fury player

It is no wonder people give up quickly on the game when they roll on Fury.

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And this is why Fury is dead. YOU; and in that I mean those of you that are left, have driven away anyone that want’s to Pvp by preying on the low levels that have absolutely no chance and yet you go on about how Fury is dead and why don’t people come there to play.

I never created a fury char, but most noobs join fury without any advice Fury have almost no population by a reason, SAGA server popularized a lot the game, but if a saga “open world pvp” server comes, no new player will join and the probably AoC will be a mostly negative reviewed game on steam. The default option should be pve server.

I see a lot of fury players saying that “new saga server should be pvp”, it have potential to kill AoC. I an not joking.

First of all, there’s no default. When you select an empty slot, it picks the server randomly.
Second, it’s stated clearly PvE for Crom and PvP for Fury.

So, I don’t see how you can claim that most new players joins the game on Fury.

That said, I agree that it’s lame for people with high level characters to go White Sands (or any other low level area) to farm new players.

Actually I have spent time on Fury (or which ever pvp server it was) back in 2009 when it was still alive. Having someone camp the spawn in point on WSI and killing me over and over again when I didn’t have a chance quickly soured me on the idea of Pvp in AoC (I had previously Pvp’d in SWG so I wasn’t a noob to the concept).

I’m sure the reason’s you stated did contribute to pvp’s downfall, but the most telling one is your idea C. “The threat of being ganked in ws is real.” The only people that have ‘Fun’ killing someone MANY levels lower than them is the higher level and I’m not sure why they’d even consider it fun. Even when the max level was 26 for WSI you still had players attacking those that they were half their level. For someone like that lvl 15 in my OP it’s not fun and not Pvp in their mind and all anyone’s done is drive off another player.

And there is PvE there or you wouldn’t have leveled to 80.

None of your reason’s stopped any of those players that never got out of Tortage, only your item C did. Sure those other things might be why those that made it out into the world left, but the ganking of the lowbie’s is what killed the incoming player base.

The server selection is random, but it does seem to come up as Fury more often than not. Also depending on the graphic’s selection your running it can be hard to see which selection it’s on causing some to end up on the wrong server.

I do think they should do a Pvp Saga server, but they need to put restriction’s in place or it won’t last. Low level Pvp mini games were quite a thing at the start of Saga until everyone out leveled them so it can work.

I believe the first Saga 80 was done in 36hrs. Set that in a Pvp Saga and in a day and a half you’d have someone camping WSI going for their Pvp lvl 10 while driving off any and all that wanted to play. Which would probably end up leaving the Pvp Saga server with those same 24 players that now play on Fury.

If done right and I stress the word RIGHT, a Pvp Saga server could inject new blood into Fury, but if done wrong, negative reviews would be the least of the problems.

Simple allow you do choose between enter in a pvp or not pvp area when you go to a new location. Like you can choose between normal and elite difficulty. But honestly, open world pvp is the worst idea ever.

I can imagine, i will se a high level boss, start to spellweaving, will engage on then, let the boss with 1/3 of his HP and … Be ganked by someone trying to impove his KD while most my CC are on cooldown and i an with low health. This is not fun. Is just FRUSTRATING. I already have too much frustration in my real life and i play games to escape it.

A PvP saga server can kill AoC. I an not joking.

@nebliss there was pve one upon a time but not these days. And I said for years that the level cap on ws should be 20 but it fell on deaf funcom ears. Playrrs come in all sorts and there are some who like to bully others and I do agree that ws played a part in many players giving up in frustration. But it’s hardly the cause of the death of fury. It played a small role overall. At the end of the day it was a PVP server. Come for PVP or don’t bother. These days it’s all end game PVP if there’s any at all. . Sure the game has bugs and undesirable conditions but that was funcoms doing
They had the tools to change the rules and they failed to. It’s funcom fault that PVP is in the state it’s in where players like yourself loathe it. Players were just playing the game. Like that old saying. Don’t have the player, hate the game.

P.s. I’m sorry you had a bad experience on fury but you know you could have easily remedied your pad camping problem just by making some friends or joining a guild. The loners were the ones who got ganked the most.

p.p.s. One major reason many players quit, in 2008 you needed to have a beast pc to even run this game, not to mention the failed DX10 compatibility. So many faults of funcom so little time

When you kill lowbies you get 0 kills. Your kills will only go up if you kill people within you lvl range. If killing lowbies actually counted towards kill stats some people would just mass farm lvl 5 toons that take less than 10 minutes to make.

When the game launched lowbies did count toward kdr so you has a lot of players farming WS to pad stats. This was changed early on to what it is now but the damage had been done.

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