White Sands Isle - 1 hour of music and ambience video

I’ve made a video capturing the music and ambience of the White Sands Isle. I’d like to know your thoughts!


Makes me wish I had enough time and money to go on vacation on the Maldives or somewhere similar :slight_smile:
Also, the soundtrack at 6:42, this is probably the most adventure-like music I know to this day. Absolutely amazing.

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I agree, great track. Perfectly fits the Conan lore.

Fantastic Video, well done :+1:

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Thank you, there will be more:)

This is great. I’ve been running the Conan 2d20 rpg by Modiphius, and have been using the AOC soundtrack as a visual aid. Wish I had this when my players were living the life of pirates in Tortage.

Hope you upload some more of this content.

Thank you Kibbles. I’ll definitely upload more videos. I need to buy a new PC to be more efficient and record in better quality.

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