Who logs on and off the server?

A suggestion, and i cant read all posts so here i dont know if it`s mentioned before, but here goes:

Please att a log in/out text message in global chat.
Also a log in/out for clan members.

This is important to have a more feel for the world and if there is people online at all.
Many times i hear in global people that think they are alone, and it ruins it a bit, so to get the feel for the server and also check if friends log in or out is a massive plus to the immersion and the general feel of the world.
Many times i play alone, and if i knew a friend had logged on i`d visit him or at least talk to him/her.

After all, the community on each server is what will drive the game forward, and why hide the players so they might aswell feel to play sp?

This together with the allready postet suggestion to see clanmembers on the map is in my book wery important.

Just my 2 cents.

Hit esc or whatever button for consoles and go to button that says player list and click it. That list tells you who is online.

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:loud_sound:They should add this in with chat which xbox one still doesn’t have!

Personally I don’t want others to know when I log in and out. Us West server 1580 has a certain named player everyone kills on sight so we like to know when the griefer is on or off just to hunt him down when online or destroy his base while he is off gathering or offline.

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