Whole castle builds disappearing

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug?]
Region: [Here]

This is probably the sixth time this has happened to me. I use single player to build large intricate castles, and sometimes, they just disappear. There will be the occasional thing that doesn’t disappear and is floating in the game. Most of the time they disappear after a few minutes of logging back in. At first I thought it was decay, but my decay is not on for single player. Then I was told it was because I wasn’t logging out before I turned off my PS4. So I started doing that diligently. Now it’s apparent it’s a bug. I built a castle over the last week and it has disappeared, yet again. This is so supremely disappointing

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
I’m not entirely sure what steps are causing this issue. Am I building things too large? Is there an unspoken and unwritten limit that just crashes my builds out?

So first check the event log and see what it says then if nothing try to go far away really far log out the back in and aprouch(stupidity if autocorrect) slowly also note that if a area has lots of peaceables which last I checked load differently can cause a long load time depending of what was in there not including chest crafting benches thralls etc but I have seen them go bye bye because it says lost stability … also note that in single player that it takes the game more time and power since the console has to load everything were as an online server helps support the loading and if there is to much the game may not load properly or at all depending on what is going on in your single player but it does depend. I should note I’m on Xbox and this has happened to me so I understand you feeling

Update: I checked the event log, there was nothing in it. I teleported away, but the castle did not return by rendering. In fact, as soon as I got within ~100 in game feet from the remaining floating pieces, they also disappeared. If there’s a limit that causes a whole build to crash, they need to establish a hard build limit to prevent this. I would rather have to dial a build back than start completely over.

That would be nice but do not teleport as that makes load hardest instead walk away then back on the limits it is not a easy matter as single player if there was a hard limit and you don’t admin on single player/ online as a solo it could make it very hard to do much as it would require those online to walk half the map for thralls rare resources and the such making it a very bad drag however if they could some how put a metering system that would say hey the area is starting to have a heavy load and may effect gameplay then that would be a much more lax experience and make it easier to control both offline and online

Hello @NatTheBuilder, thank you for reaching out and sharing screenshots regarding the reported issue, we’ll also need additional information to relay to our team:

Could you let us know which PS4 model you have and if the game is installed on its internal disk?

Are you aware of the amount of placeables and light sources that were present in that build, as well as NPCs?

Were you unable to restore a backup save from the cloud? We’d also suggest that you periodically back it up manually to a pen drive,.

PS4 model is 1000 series. By internal disk, are you talking about the internal hard drive? If so, yes. My game is digitally downloaded, and I have no external data of it. As far as backing up my save data, I use PS+, so my data is automatically backed up. I had no NPCs yet as I was going to wait until I was done building to place them. Placeables(if you’re talking every building piece), I would estimate were between 10-15,000. It’s hard to tell, but I know I would have broken the build limit on ark with half of that castle. The issue with using a pen drive is that the frequency at which this problem occurs makes it impossible to know how often I should be doing backing my save up. This last time only took about a week and a half for my build to disappear.

Thank you for taking the time to provide additional details, we’ll forward these to our team.

Could you also provide an estimate of the amount of light sources and decorative placeables?

Lights, I’m guessing no more than 200 (that’s a high end estimate) and decor, 15-20.

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