Whom-Pah Fixers

I wonder has anyone else noticed fixers inside Whom-Pahs? If you miss the door or go deep enough through it you can see most of the Whom-Pahs have level 1 fixer sitting in the middle there.

I guess they must have been there for a long time since level 1 toons without any equipment can’t simply leave the new starter island. Any ideas of their purpose?

Which starter? RK5/Arete you can leave at lvl 1. For RK19 probably ghosting.

I noticed that too and did some asking.

Apparently they log information. Stuff like the tower information in the region or just other stuff.

And also you can still leave the starting area at level 1.

rk5 if you do a /list in most playfields there are level 1 fixers. my assumption is they are bots which take information from the playfields and send them to a database, such as playernames, tower field info, chat logs, things of that nature. I’d never been able to find them in game, I’ll have to check out the whompahs.

also, level 1 toons without any equipment can leave arete by taking the credits from the credit card under the market and bribing the icc peacekeeper with 15000.

They’ve wedged a character inside every whompah in the game pretty sure. Sometimes you can see them by moving your camera a certain way but otherwise they show up on the minimap.

Thats how Whom-Pah’s work. There are special Fixers sitting inside which grid ya to ur destination.


Ok, I haven’t started a new toon for a long time so it was just an assumption that I need to run through Arete.

My first guess was the fixers were some old spam bots, obsolete after trading channel user level was raised.
But your ideas sound more reasonable :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea, the fact is bots dont really have to be online through the client, rather than just use the chat interface. So … it just makes me wonder what is really up with those fixers! If somebody is really using them to fetch the data somehow, this is the last place to get an answer though.