Why a total server wipe?

Topic pretty much says it all.
Adding insult to injury FUNcom decides to totally wipe 1588 after the hacking fiasco.
Beyond understanding this one.

Wipe or just a rollback?

Either way, I agree with it in principle. Hackers do more damage than just making their character really big and stealing your stuff. If a rollback didn’t work, a full wipe might be warranted.

Provided, of course, you’ve pinpointed exactly how they got in in the first place and sealed that up tight.

Hello @Liptaa, there were some rollbacks issued on the servers that were hit by the hacker, which is something we would only ever consider for the most extreme cases.

The few servers that seem to have gotten wiped had issues with their rollback and were set to a default state, however, this is not intended and we’re working together with G-Portal to restore these.


Why was there a rollback on servers where there were no hackers? I’m talking about the Russian 1211 server. There were no hackers, but nevertheless you ruined the game for most players.

If I were to guess (and it is a guess) it would be because the exploiter may have visited those servers and applied their cheat, but not been visible in using them. Often malicious people will plant ways that they can get “back in charge” without being obvious, so they can use them later.

It would then spread confusion as to whether the fix had been successful.

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Thank you

1974 Also got rolled back pretty sure the hacker is only on American servers atm, they just rolled them all back or whatever is part of that server cluster/ clap clap.

We did not roll back all servers, only confirmed servers that we’re targeted during the initital attacks and attacks following the first hotfix.

1974 was a confirmed target on Monday, and the players, who were targeted directly, lost all their progress. This was the reason for the rollback of your server. Also, these attacks were not only on American servers.

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