Why all the interest funcom? Dungeons

Now I like the new loot tables. Most of the time I just ignore the chests, even late game ones most of the time, don’t have anything worth carrying.

But with the new in ch2 loot table I almost want to restat so I can take a fighter and a bearer.

Now I’m not sure why they moved legendary chest in to dungeons as well as keys except maybe they are running out of real estate on the public servers and are sacrificing world bosses and chests to Conan condoes.

But I am really curious why all the interest in the dungeons?

And since funcom has made them critical to farm doesn’t that mean the server running multiple instances of the same dungeon? Wouldn’t that lag down the server?

That has never happened as far as I know, and it most likely will not happen :thonk:
If you’re in a dungeon and someone else is in the same dungeon, you are sharing it.
If you want to farm Thag and someone else already killed it, you’ll have to wait for it to respawn, single instance :melting_face:

Would say that depends on how well the server client is build. Multiple instances could in fact lower the lag, as the instances could run on their own threads allowing for the server to take advantages of multiple cores.

But which how terrible they are optimized the odds or probably not great for that being the case.

Dungeons are not instanced. Each server only has one Dregs, one Black Keep, one Wine Cellar. When you enter the dungeon the loading screen isn’t for creating a new instance, it’s for teleporting you off to the edge of the map where your framerate won’t be bogged down by having to load the overworld too.

I’ve heard rumblings that the Kurak dungeon might be the sole exception to this, but modders aren’t able to confirm this because it’s not included in the devkit.

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The Kurak dungeon is no exception, although it does behave differently to other dungeons because if it’s multiple stages. This is why the dungeon is blocked off while the dungeon (hopefully) resets fully for the next run. The dungeon is located North of the Volcano in actual world space.

Yeah, exactly.

Thanks. Game’s I’ve played before dungeon, or bunkers were instanced.

But why is funcom putting so much time in to them?

To get people in them again. I’ll be the first to admit I hit all dungeons once and the after that it’s farming wine cellar for recipes and khari steel(and once all recipes learned, then I don’t even cross the broken bridge to the undead side and collect the khari stell on the relic hunter side) and war maker for scraps. I am actually looking forward to getting in there and dungeon crawling again

Would have preferred if the chests didn’t work properly leave the Legendary on the bosses instead of chasing down a dungeon.

You can thank the naked level 5 dagger ninjas for that, the bosses were too easy which is why the chests were moved.

or the poor AI design of bosses, making them fodder for experienced players

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I got a pair of legendary daggers off a T4 set priest; forget the name. So more then chests have them.

I’m thinking it’s more a real estate thing. How do you open up more land with out making the map bigger? You decrease the no build areas. Also means now more worrying about the TOS rule.Go ahead, turn any boss spawn in to a parking lot.

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Some one took down the fish market in the. Middle of the boss crocodile near noob river fortunately did block spawning. Taking this game with a few ounces of salt to late for grains. I remember people making elaborate traps to catch the crocodile :crocodile:

I used to set up farming arenas. Kite the boss in, close the exit, let the archers shred it.

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