Why am I always facing northeast on login?

After logging in, my character is always turned from the psoition I left him. At first I thought he was just turning 90 degrees CCW, but after a few attempts he seems to be always faced northeast.

Why? Is that true north for bees? Is there a north in Agartha? Where do we end up if we traver in that direction for forever?

But seriously, is this a saved state in the game, and why?


More likely the opposite, a default state. That’s probably easier than actually saving character orientation on each logout.

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Yeah, I meant default state.

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I will never be able to unsee this.

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You’re welcome? :smiley:


This is the kind of weird stuff that makes you blink twice and go “… whaaat ?”

Hmmm, you say everything thats not a coincidence might mean something?

(pondering chaos and order, dynamic and static)

Maybe we need to find out how to let go of our limitations :wink:

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Because Oslo is Northeast of Durham?
O.K., I’m reading WAY too much into this :grin:


The Great Hive is to the Northeast and our characters pray while facing the Hive.

Ha! Ye of little faith, it is a message I say! A clue for some grand conspiracy we’re mean to unravel! Maybe there is something hidden in that corner of the map they want us to go find? Maybe there is a clue about the zone-after-next hidden in the financial reports of Northeast Airlines (but which one, there are 4! Let’s check them all!)? Maybe we should all migrate in that direction in the hope of finding Agartha in real life? Maybe we should gather compasses together in a pile and smash any direction point aside from Northeast? Maybe we should remake North by Northwest as North by Northeast but with more filth and decapitation? Maybe we should find Sam Northeast and interrogate him for information about the next dungeon? Maybe we’re all meant to pray towards the northeast in the hopes of increasing our agent drops!? Cast off the shoes follow the gourd!

Noww that you mention it, given the angle the PC is facing, and supplanting that over the real wworld, I’m pretty sure that’s the exact direction you’d need to travel in to get from Funcom NC to Ultima Thule. We’re going to find out Amudsen did a pole jump!

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it’s supposed to point toward the closest Funcom HQ.


I want to call shenanigans, but…it does seem approximately accurate from my location… o_O

I just blink twice for no apparent reason…and yeah that’s it.

On topic, I think it may be for good reception thing you know for when talking over mobile…or maybe it’s supposed to be just normal.

Not even a little bit in my case, however…

(Not my actual longitude/latitude, but it’s close enough for this exercise)

Try it yourself.

From here (London) to Oslo, exactly the same! Good job no one here lives in Riga.

Okay! What’s up with the new thing where my character is MOVED?

I always stand on the NE side of the bank clerks. The past day, when I log back in, I’m not only turned, but I’m moved in between the two desks (a few meters to the SW)! Stop messing with my head!

There are a few other locations where your character gets moved when you log out. The roof of the Bathhouse comes to mind. If you log out on top, you log back in on the ground.

Yeah, but I’ve always been at that location when logging out and have never been moved (at least not so much so I have noticed it). Now it’s on the opposite side of the desk.