Why are bug reports closed before bug is fixed

I noticed a lot of bug reports get closed and no fix in sight, only a comment about we will send it to someone somewhere, some time but we never find out if that bug is fixed or if its on a list to be fixed until all of a sudden it works ( or honest some never get fixed) but be nice to know that, some hard to tell if it went in the trash.

Some get closed without even a comment from a dev or some go days with no comment from a dev on if they even saw the bug report.

We need a system that lets those who report the bugs and the community know that they are in a list, on a spread sheet somewhere waiting to be looked at and fixed. Once fixed ticked off and posted on a bug tracker or something, right now its all ■■■■■ ( really w i l l y is not a freaking bad word) nilly if it gets fixed who knows, patch notes great but some bugs been in the game for months , pretty hard to go back and see what ones were fixed and what ones are still outstanding further down on the list. Right now well its 7 days close even if a dev has not dealt with it yet.

We need a better system as it at the moment creates confusion on what is worked on , what is fixed, what has been broken for a long time or what has been rebroken.

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would be nice but it’s pretty normal. in a lot of stuff you just get an auto-response that they received your report and that’s it. I don’t think I ever reported bugs in anything where I got any other response (unless it’s on a much smaller scale, like pretty unknown apps made by one guy that aren’t flooded by reports).

Often you can’t even see if other people reported the same stuff. (because it’s through email or a dedicated report system). Bug fix time in CE can be pretty terrible, but the reporting system itself is actually ok imo.

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