Why are console players being ignored?

Dude, I agree. Like I just purchased on Xbox as I mentioned in another post, literally begging for a fix because my thralls won’t even heal on the console versions. That means even thrall hunting, I could lose a level 3. Bosses, out of the question. Purge, RIP to everything I have farmed, leveled, and equipped. As the purge goes, well I expect to lose a thrall or two, that’s okay. But knowing 100% you’re going to lose all animals and thralls, not because of performance or something, but rather because they just won’t heal, is very frustrating. It 100% impacts where you can and should build, it limits gameplay, it’s almost game-breaking and not a word. No “we know about the no heal and are working on it” from Funcom, just no mind at all.


Trust me Fun, it’s bad on Xbox too, you’re not alone.

Wait, where is it stated by Funcom it won’t run on consoles?

My understanding is PC has the early access because it will require hotfoxes and planned road mapped updating, and the certs make that a major issue for consoles.

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There is another post where they acknowledge the issues and said they might have a patch of this week (lol) for consoles to fix the crash and stuff. That’s probably the acknowledgment being referenced. Although I’m not positive.

Thats for the current console build. Separate from Siptah. So yeah, might be combining the thoughts, so I can see the confusion.

Hey there,

Currently we’re focusing on bringing Isle of Siptah to full launch status, by focusing on one platform. However, there’s going to be news about consoles and our plans towards them soon pending some fine details and approvals.

We understand the frustration and we hope what the upcoming news will at least make the wait a little more bearable.


You’re focusing on Siptah, by giving PC crafting updates, Stamina updates, glitch fixes etc?

You can’t event just port stuff like the stat glitch fix?

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Not nearly good enough @Ignasi and you guys know it. News is what your offering after nearly a year of fixing absolutely nothing on consoles? News? What do you have two ppl working on the whole game. I don’t even have polite enough words to write here. You’re going to lose customers here, and you deserve to.


Can you add some reset in EU officials servers temporarily?
It can “ fix” the pork and you don’t need any patch . At least we can enjoy the game a little bit more because officials are unplayable right now .
Wit reset all thralls buff are gone and so we can finally have good gaming . You just need to add like 3 reset during the day … maybe (4:00 pm - 9:00 and 5:00 am) or a reset every 3/4 hours .

Are you guys waiting for ALL the console players to leave or what? Like if you have news what is it? We have waited for months and months. Not sure why you lot think that hanging on to any information when your customers are literally begging for it is a good idea. We don’t need suspense or some sort of edgy pause. You have been saying “soon” for nearly a year. ELABORATE maybe and put some minds at ease. The only reason I can think of to hang on to any sort of announcement is if you’re planning on dropping bombs and want to delay the inevitable screaming fallout.


Probably just gonna announce a next gen console upgrade (soon) and nothing about fixes :see_no_evil:

Is it a refund? Thats about all that i can think of at this point, that would make this game more “bearable”. Never logging in again and getting money back would be the best thing for all console customers, and FC. Think about it FC, it would mean you could remove the console portions of the forums and never have to spend another cent on manpower or development for consoles…and all the posts from consoles users calling FC silly names, and highlighting FC failures and faults would simply not exist anymore…win/win for everybody!

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The news is, it’s all being addressed and a fix and update will be coming soon, just wait another year and maybe, we can give you the same answer


Yes a refund, but those that played on free officials would need to reimburse the cost Funcom incurred for those, along with the devs who did work on fixes over the last 2 years and porting them console. My guess is the console players would owe money. Plus if you played 1 minute, then you need to pay for using their product. Yeah refund :confused:

Do you honestly understand the frustration? I really doubt it. I dont believe you can possibly see it from a console player view. If you could so many issues would have been sorted and you wouldn’t have to hire another damn team to sort console problems for you. Save your sympathies and fix the damn game we paid you for!


If a car company, as an example, releases a model that is too defective, that company issues a recall for that particular vehicle. You get a refund of the price you paid, in full. Not the purchase price minus the km on the odometer…

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Seriously, you don’t even own the game. It’s being “licensed” to you. And it’s not just this game, it’s a standard practice in the videogame industry. You’re not the first – nor, sadly, the last – person to ask for a refund after playing a game for hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours. But who knows, maybe you are special and will be the first to get one?


The irony in this statement is that Ignasis plays mostly consoles so if anyone can understand your frustration this is probably him.


I am aware there would never be any refund request granted. But it happens, look at Cyberpunk. But that company moved to damage control once their product failed. They became proactive, they didnt let the game ride as is. They accepted responsibility for their product.

Personally, i feel FC could just pull the plug on console and still be ok. Plenty of games have been released on one platform and have succeeded. The console side of CE requires so much effort and time, it maybe be better to put the proverbial eggs in the pc basket.


Yeah, CD Projekt Red, in my opinion, is very different from Funcom. Another good example is Hello Games, with No Man’s Sky.