Why are small NPC camps indestructible?

I remember back in the first early access that NPC camps were destructible (you could destroy the camp fire and build there – causing the NPCs not to spawn there anymore). And I remember that the decision was made to make them indestructible. They have some of the best potential building locations in the game on the Exiled Lands map.

What I can’t remember, however, is why? Why are the NPC camps (just the small ones) made indestructible? Does anyone remember why? And more importantly, can that decision be rescinded now?

If you re asking for single player I dont know. It could have been.

For multiplayer , it is obvious. Players want to explore and see different sites. (Not only wilderness, sand and animals). Some other players will use those spots to enthrall npcs.


I do remember, vaguely. It was to free up memory that the game was using to keep track of all the destructible items. Don’t recall more than that.


If you are in Singleplayer open the console and type “MakeMeAdmin” then type “PlayerCanBuildEverywhere yourplayername” then type “MakeMeNormal” and you can build in those camps for the current session.

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