Why are we getting spammed with conan unconquered loading screens?

i mean really? this is really REALLY bad practice. we payed for the game we play, there should be no NEED to spam the hell out of it evertime we load something or use the maprooom



I agree, dont want it shown, aint going to make me buy it, only annoy me.

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It’s called marketing. Maybe you can look it up. And no, it is not a bad practice, after all it has gotten you to talk about it and make notice of it.


NO, its not that, ITS CALled BAD marketing, and i mean REALLY BAD MARKETING…maybe you can look it up and learn a thing or two about what good marketing is…

you can place the news in the front of main manu. that is ok, but i dont want to see the same 15% discount over a game i am not interested in playing. dozens of times, like a constant SPAM…everytime i teleport… or change areas…


I agree it is annoying and has no place in CE loading screen. There are other places to advertise.


it is annoying. now i have to watch the 15% discount adware everytime i zone into a different zone, or anytime i use the maproom.


I’ve yet to see ads, but the game is 15% off? That sounds like a pretty good start for a new game. I appreciate the information!

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i wouldnt be annoying for me if i could see it once, or twice, NOT EVERY FREAKING TIME i zone into a different area.


imagine, having windows, offering you office every time you open a program, and offering 15% off, or 20% off, would you be ok with it zerog?

When there is a loading screen you will see the ad. Its intrusive. It sits over the usual image and is jarring. It’s also bad marketing as it seems to be annoying people. It should show up on start up and then not be there anymore.

It’s like a book advertising another book by the same author, but rather than an advert at the back or the front it’s on every 5th page.

Additionally, I think with the issues many people are having with the game in official server at the moment and Funcoms perceived inaction, putting this in front of players is seen by some as adding insult to injury.


Well… on the one hand, it’s on loading screens we’d be seeing anyway. So no harm done. And it’s offering a discount, which is always nice. On the other hand, ads in products I’ve paid for are never appreciated: I don’t pay for a traditional TV/cable package, for much the same reason. I also cancel any streaming service that forcefully inserts ads for their other shows in a show I’m watching (looking at you, Amazon Prime!).

Probably not going to play it anyway, I only have time for one game at a time, and well… if I wanted to try Unconquered, I’d come back to a decayed base in Exiles, wouldn’t I?

Good way to get people to leave this game.

I sure hope they are advertising for Conan Exiles in that new Unchained game, cause if they are not, they are just shooting themselves in the feet.

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To be fair, it feels more like a game where you sit down for an hour or two, have some fun, then off ya go. It’s challenging and you really have to micro, but it’s not a “heavy” game as far as time investment. Feels more like a drop in drop out type deal when you feel like it.

exactly my thoughts.

it is intrusive, and really not appreciated. its also annoying, and since i pay for this game i should NOT BE SEEING ADS for another game, i know conan unconquered exists. i am ok for funcom to advertise it , but NOT the way they did it, it feels they are desperate for money. otherwise, marketing wise you would never do it.

My issue with it is that Conan Exiles is an immersive game. Repeatedly seeing an advertisement front and center breaks my sense of immersion.

To that end, I wouldn’t fuss over seeing it when I first login (similar to the DLC ads), but having it at every load point detracts from the game I am playing.


Fortunately this is not on ps4 yet. That I have seen.

probably you wont see it , if that game does not launch in your platform, but who knows, some console players has pcs, they might even push it , thinking it might bring additional sales.

Thanks didn’t know it was PC only. Love the PC players cause u guys help get things fixed.

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Could you post a screenshot of the advertisement please?

there are a few more…