Why are we stuck in a build once we choose attributes

Title says it all. As of right now you can only wipe your feats not your attributes. So once you pick certain stats on any given server you are stuck with those stats forever? Seems incredibly limiting, especially considering new players wont exactly know what stats to choose and will likely pick random ones. I certainly hope there will be an attribute reset potion or something.


Yellow Lotus Potion is supposed to wipe both feats and attributes. If you’re on Testlive it would be a good idea to post something about it in the patch notes portion of the forums, as I’m sure that is not intended mechanics.

What? But there is the Lotus Potion, it resets the attributes.

I think There’s 2 separate lotus potions now, check the admin.

That’s what the yellow lotus potion does? I always wondered at the description.