Why Battle for Azeroth made me love CE even more


Upon logging in to WoW to play the expansion, I already feel like a grind-bot.
Nothing I do matters in WoW. Especially since it’s the same thing done in the very same way, pre-designed all the way down to the way u push buttons. It’s their way, or the highway.

In CE the way you build, the place you choose, and what you do with that land all matters, not only to you, but everyone else around you. Everything you do in CE is an extension of your will.

But in WoW… it’s like everything you do is an extension of the designers. Every feeling, every achievement, strategy, down to the way you push the buttons… all that you earn is designed. Sure, one could argue that in CE everything is designed too, but where I build public maprooms, bridges, wells and elevators and how isn’t necessarily designed on a macro scale.

The combat also feels simple and satisfying. It feels so much better than WoW’s combat, despite it having been "streamlined"and dumbed down… it feels so danm artificial now, whereas CE’s combat is ALOT more organic.

In CE it’s sword hits enemy. Enemy get hurt.

In WoW it’s like “Apply buff to enhance attack, hit enemy, until other button is shiny. Hit shiny button, to make other shiny button shiny, then hit that shiny button.” It’s bloody hotbar whackamole.

In CE, you know how and when and which button to press, in the middle of combat, to form combos as you go. the combos you WANT to do, not the combos that make the most DPS. When something so simple has a lot of nuance, that’s a combat system done right.

Just… wanted to put this out there.

I am not gonna even bother with the new WoW expansion cuz i’ve already played all of it, by playing the first 10 minutes.

Same with Monster Hunter. It’s a fun game… but I can see the end of it from here.

In CE i’m already at the end of the game. I already have everything, except for the bugged stuff, like Njoror and the bugged purge crafters…and yet i’m having a blast, because I don’t play CE, i live it.

I love the lifestyle of CE. You literally can just go out and do whatever the hell you want, short of building a spaceship and exploring other worlds, but I don’t mind, because I like this feeling of scoped familiarity.

In this RL world of constant change, flow and ebb, it’s information overload. I find Conan Exile’s perfect combination of freedom and simplicity to be incredibly meditative.

Also, in other games everywhere you go, everything’s decorational. Like, buildings are just hollow blocks with drawn on windows, cuz they are decoration… but in CE, player buildings are actually buildings with purpose and design. It feels 10384934 more real than the oversized props used most games.

Maybe i’m just getting old. But I no longer gain pleasure from imaginary killing or competition. My pleasure now comes from influencing other people’s experiences positively, while improving my own… because that to me is as real as it can get. A choice made from the heart, not by instinct or design.

Maybe I just need to get a kid. rofl


This guy gets it.


Try the PS4 version, its great.

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Get a kid, you wont regret it:)

Great post, and i agree totally.


I don’t know why you even compared the two games. I don’t know why people try to compare Funcom and Blizzard. Two entirely different games and companies.


I’m comparing the feelz :slight_smile:

I learned that achieving more with less complexity is generally better.
Like Empyrion Galactic Survival and Star Citizen are also 2 completely different games and companies, but Empyrion Galactic Survival just feels better, cuz you can do everything you can do in Star Citizen, without the complexity.

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I know how you feel Halcyon, back in the day when WoW was announced, I played the beta til Cataclysm, I really loved open world pvp, but those MMO(BA) elements was kinda tiring me, so I realised that I had more fun with action pvp games, because of that those things you said, you hit an enemey with your sword, you gotta aim, I got tired of “target” based games, whats why I don’t play GW2 anymore too, and that’s been my favorite since 2012.

Being a Conan fan, Conan Exiles was the game I always dreamed, open world, action and survival. I love the fact that you can play realistic stealth, hiding, etc. The only bad thing that prevents this game out of the way to greatness, its FC not being so focused on “polishing” and finishing the game, then it would be golden.

I can only imagine the day, if Blizzard build a Warcraft action based, I would buy blindfolded!

Reminds me of why i still play EVE Online.

I still play Eve too. Eve and Conan are my two games. Conan for simplicity, and Eve for complexity (though some would argue there’s nothing complex about undocking and blowing up!):grin:



It will cut down on your gaming time though. Massively so! But worth it.

I do recommend making sure you get the kid with the right person though (I did - thankfully - but it did take me ~15 years to find them!).

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