Why buy an expansion off steam when I can not connect to it now?

Kind of befuddles me why they are pushing an expansion when they have not corrected high ping rates to the game through steam for the game yet.

Why would i give money to the devs and steam for an expansion I probably will not be able to connect to in a stable way given the last two months?


Sounds like a perfectly viable question to me.

And the defendors without any credible input have arrived. Making claims about how they know what people do or will buy.

And don’t even address the realm issue of high pings on the steam client.

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maybe they should check their internet provider instead of blaming steam or Funcom.

My official server is unplayable during pvp time due to connection issues. Every player I know is affected, so no internet connection to blame here.
I’m gonna buy the new map to play it offline at first anyways… But i totally understand OP’s concern.
On the other hand, today’s patch is supposed to fix connection issues. Will it fix more issues than it will bring more issues? In doubt, wait a bit before getting the DLC…

The Isle of Siptah is an expansion to the game. Yes, changes have been made game engine itself. I am not sure on the specifics since they were not shared with me. It was one of the first things I asked when the Closed Beta started.

Ever since they implemented the Funcom Live Services, connecting to servers via the Browser has been awful. My work around is using Direct connect otherwise my Ping is always too high. Apparently this has been fixed on every patch.

Is your issue connecting or playing? If its connecting, try grabbing the IP of the server from Battlemetrics.com and direct connect.

Hopefully this helps. (Besides this being said, I’d agree with your opening statement). I think their priorities are def. in the wrong place. Connecting to servers flawlessly should be a #1 priority vs releasing content lol…

Yeah we all use direct connect as a default method now…
Issue is with server wide lag. Getting stuck in place, not being able to damage npcs , stamina not going up… same old same old :slight_smile:

Downloading the 60gb piece right now. I bought the DLC so I’m happy, but i can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t intend to play the new map to be happy with the size of that mother of all patches

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