Why can I not buy the DLC yet?

I’ve checked steam and it seems I need to wait 4 days before I can purchase it. What’s wrong with you Funcom??? Is my money not good enough for you? Is that it???
I demand a refund now of the money I haven’t been allowed to spend.
Also I’ve seen the teaser and it looks like you have forgotten to add the rope bridges, so please fix that. You have 4 days to do it, it’s plenty of time.
Thanks a bunch!


Well they said it comes out on 9/15… so thats why you can’t buy the DLC yet…

Well, but why is there - Buy in Early Access?? :o

If you read the post, it seems to be in humor he is requesting it. That the OP is that excited they want to buy the DLC now.


Yes yes. But with ROPE BRIDGES please :slight_smile:

Also… am I the only one here to feel like there won’t be official servers for the new map?


When they said “Early Access”, I assumed there would be official servers.


Reading the posts on the siptah subforum, I understood there won’t be. Then it occurred to me this would be a very smart first step in getting rid off official altogether…

Can you point me to the post that made you think that? I wanna know if I should be as worried…

EDIT: Never mind, it’s been answered. Yes, there will be official servers:


Lol just saw it as you were posting. My bad!
I’m still going to play solo anyways, as i want a chance of discovering the map before it’s littered with theme parks :slight_smile:

I’m super hyped btw. I know every single spawn of every single item in the old map, and I’m really looking forward to exploring something new. Can’t really understand all the negativity that’s going on already…


Hyped right along with you.

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Don’t pay attention to those guys. On game forums there are a lot of trolls and all they want is attention.

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Also I couldn’t help but notice a grand total of zero new Khitan weapon and clothing options in the announcement trailer. You might wanna get on that Funcom. The people have spoken on that issue.

And by “the people” I mean “me.”



Hold your horses maaan! (or mounts) :aaaaaa: :crazy_face:

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I must say my hype is real AF! The video teasers of the wonders to come has surpassed my expectations. Those beasts! The new building style looks so ominous! THOSE BEASTS!!! Stuff popping out in the storm… The new armor set looks, from the little I could see, sick in all the best ways.

I am just hoping / wondering if there will be some new systems implemented to the base game such as the much requested hair and makeup vanity changer and being able to dye horse saddles.
I cannot wait to battle against those BEASTS!!!

:metal:t2: :smiling_imp:


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