Why can't consoles have full nudity?

Ah, so American esrb say seeing nudity= A okay 17+ Being nude=No way AO!

Lots of judgy people in this thread.

Basically, yeah, that’s what Groovy says may be where the ESRB draws the line. Seeing nudity and being nude are different experiences, so it’s not impossible that they’d be put into different rating categories. I haven’t seen anything official on that, but I also haven’t seen anything to say that’s not the way they do it.

Either way, it’s still the console manufacturers and retailers making the decision not to support AO rated titles on those platforms. All that both the ESRB and PEGI does is say anything in this category probably contains this level of violence, nudity, drugs, etc. Anything in this other category probably contains this other level of violence, nudity, etc. etc. If their current standards say controllable nude characters go in the AO category and they knowingly give a game with such content an M instead, that’s what’s commonly referred to as a “lie”.

It is available on Ps4 , maybe check your parental controls :slightly_smiling_face:

Move to Oz mate. Sausage and clam everywhere :joy: my missus and daughter hate it when I strip my toon down to climb lol

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Kansas?? I mean Australia.

Except Australia’s rating system is notoriously convoluted, restrictive and expensive. Anything refused classification is banned and it was only in the last seven years I think that they even got the classification for the M or AO range equivalent.

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Yeah we’re becoming a nanny nation for sure. Ahhh but that only worries the devs lol :joy: we get full nudity on officials no dramas for the players.

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AO is R18+ here but it’s been around for quite a while. I think 1995 for games.

Watch the movie The Wizard of Oz and you’ll find out why my state is called the Land of Oz Toto! Not to be confused with Aussie Land. :smiling_imp:

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Ahhh I’m with you now mate :+1:

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Totally hilarious. Well done.