Why cant I kill sleepers anymore

I’m on official servers with pvp active 5-11 and I used to be able to kill sleepers and now I cant. Did I miss something I’m guessing? The server im on right now is 3514 pve conflict.

Check the server settings.

By “sleepers”, you mean people who are logged out but whose bodies persist in the world? This is why I don’t play online.


Yes he is logged out, but this person is under my base so I cant build anymore till he moves sense I cant kill him. As for the server settings I have always been able to kill someone if the are logged out this is new that I can’t and in settings you cant scroll down to see if its changed. It is still set for pvp from 5-11 but I cant see past that.

Might be a ghost in the system. Is the body still there after a server restart?

Yeah hes still there. He parked himself under my base after I wouldn’t add him to the clan :slight_smile: . I tried again to kill him during pvp time with still no luck. The funcom moderators are looking into it.

same with several NPC thrall spawns (not sure if they were retrained and placed by people) but they dont take damage at all, even getting animals to attack them does nothing (of course after a couple of mins they lose interest and wander off again) but those thralls are starting to scatter all over and unkillable.

Bloody annoying

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