Why can't the game just work?

Or am I using thralls wrong? Just spent the day with a great thralls (armor and weapon) beating up the world of the north. Took away the weapon and gave my thrall a reinforced steel trudgeon and went into New Asgarth to catch more thralls

What did my thrall do? NOTHING! Stood there and didn’t take a single swing. What the ever-loving fuc& is wrong with this freaking game!

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Well, smart code is expansive to develop and maintain/fix. If you have some coders making a descent AI it takes time and thus money. If you take less coders and some more artists instead you can make nice looking content for your less mature code which you can be for example sold as dlc. Ofcourse you always will be in need for coders to produce new stuff other than mere visual diversity for a game, but from a investment perspective the artist product is easier to be calculated in terms of time/money effort while offering tangible results sold to customers.


I use my thralls with truncheons all the time. It’s never been an issue for me. On the rare occasion they do not start hitting the NPC right away I just position myself behind the thrall so he/she gets hit by the NPC and that usually triggers my thrall to go nuts on him. Maybe that will help in your case?


I had this happen this weekend while in the Unnamed City.
I fixed it by swapping out 1 handed and 2 handed weapons until he got the knack again.
After that he was using the 1 handed truncheon like a champ.

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There’s a bug when you change weapon to a thrall (switching weapon<=>truncheon it’s classic example).

Sometimes they refuse to attack.

As workaround do this: give back the thrall the previous weapon he was using, find a target the thrall could attack and let him to attack.

Them switch weapon to the thrall, placing the weapon/truncheon in the slot where the thrall is using the other (if in his inventory than there, if in main hand than in main hand).

You’ll see your thrall now using the new weapon.

Sometimes this workaround do not work at the first time, repeat the process in that case.

And obviously never let 2 different weapons in your thrall inventory… the AI choose what to use… poorly (to be gentle) :sweat_smile:

These days I basically forgo the use of truncheons on thralls and give them blunted practice greatswords instead. This way they never need to switch from two-handed to one-handed, as I tend to give them a spear or two-handed sword as their killing weapon, too. There’s some risk of them killing their targets, but most of the time they manage to KO whatever they’re hitting. As a bonus, they still do some damage to enemies that can’t be KOed so if a random wolf or goat jumps you in New Asagarth, your thrall can still help.


I thought it was Halk the Slayer with his sword and Elfin mind stone?

If you give a thrall a one handed axe or sword then switch to a truncheon its no issue. I have one thrall who used to use a two hander. But now he just uses an axe or a sword.

When I give him the truncheon hes effective. I find this happens more with 2 handed swapping to a Truncheon.

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Since you mention low-end damage, I thought I’d offer some high-end-damage observations. The Bandit Leader can do an enormous amount of damage per strike: unless you’re looking for crafters, let your masher thrall be the arbiter of who comes with you. Blunt a Telith’s Sorrow and she’ll do 460+ per heavy strike, and with Advanced Blunting she can concuss almost any top-level thrall in 4-5 strikes. IOW it’s simply then a matter of dividing the target HP by 460 to know which blunted weapon value to put on her.

With even higher-end weapons she does a miraculous amount of damage, which I’m still testing. Give her a blunted Blade of the Adventurer, or blunted Flawless Serpentman Spear for volcano or Set City trips. This makes it possible for her to properly defend vs other players, thralls, pets or NPCs. She’ll knock out good 'uns and obliterate the ones who can’t hack it.


To the title of this one. Because it’s not bethesda and if it was then we would need the modders to do even more to fix it

you made my day with that joke x)

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