WHY cant Transfer 80lvl

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I hope this gets solved

This is one of the problems that prevent acess to the PvPLevelup app which serves as the best serious PvP experience and training. A group trained there can engage in open world pvp FoS fights in Crom vs other Groups and get constantly tactical advantage and perform precision strikes and maneuvers even while outnumbered when using a voice channel communication and win the field.

Of course the app could work on Crom but Crom needs PvP Zone Instances beyond the 3 border regions. Like right before entering a zone and you got to choose: Normal/ Epic/ PvP. At least i think the App author/ owner would then agree to make it available on Crom. Sure Fury would be shut down but it’s dead and with this option you could even choose open world pvp leveling on Crom as long as you choose the PvP instance.

I know many would argue wether this is good or not for Global channel fearing PvP flametalk but there could be a PvE only channel instead and problem solved. Besides Crom NPH/ Global chat is more Dead then Fury is in regards to players and Fury has quite an active and funny channel :smiley:
So i don’t see the problem. Exception are trolls and snowberries but the ignore option works.

We can all dream though because neither that nor the Tier1 rank restriction can be solved without breaking the game completely. You need the Old Coders who know the Game otherwise you might enable Tier1 set with 0 PvP rank but in the same time the World Boss would become bugged and run around the Zone by default without players causing it.

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