Why crocodiles aren't crocodiles?

Since day one I believed that one of the greatest errors of this game is that crocodiles do not attack you ,or chase you in the water . I started the game solo offline and in my first days I was avoiding enter the water close to a crocodile by the fear that a crock will chase me and crash me . So when I realized that crocks do not enter the water at the beginning I was happy but after awhile I understand that this was a great mistake . I always believed that this was something that the Devs did in purpose for making the game more easy for the players but at the end they would change it . After 2 and a half years I see no reports about it and I begin to understand that nobody cares that crocodiles are cats who hate water :pensive: .
What do you think ?


As @drachenfeles said , the way the water is coded ( but it’s also I beleive why it looks so good too ) means it’s hard for funcom to implement anything “floating/swinming” on it’s own ( so not for the players but the npc/followers or even boats ) . If you had played siptah you could have seen in the water vaults some fishmens being on the bottom of the water filled areas , walking as if there was no water ! this probably means that if crocodiles would follow you in the water on Exiles Land … well they would be "stuck on the ground " while you swim above them , rendering the feature worthless and more “buggy” than “scary” !

But Indeed it would be nice to have some kind of " water-threat " that would mean more use too the riptide ( outside of pvp usage ) and other weapons we can use in water :wink:


Or you could just look at it another way. If even a crocodile won’t go into that water, was going into it to escape that crocodile really such a good idea? :smiling_imp:


Totally agree

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@drachenfeles , @Kanza1 , @Glurin , I believe that no matter how hard some things are , if the Devs decide to do it they will . I can understand some of the reasons you said and maybe they are even more ,but …
for me the greatest reason they did nothing about it is because nobody cared in the past , or at least the last 15 months I am in this forum I don’t remember I saw any complaints about it .
I believe that crocodile chase and attack in the water is very important for the game it self and if I can add the slowest swimming with 0 stamina . Several times I witnessed a bug , or an animation you name it , a crocodile jumping out of the water and biting . This effect is witnessed close to the shattered bridge area . This gives me the feeling that it was on the original planning for crocodiles to act this way that is really normal to be done .
I ’ ve seen all the streams since now (who didn’t :rofl::rofl::rofl:) and I remember on the past Alex saying " exile lands are not welcome " , so I find this expression a little unorthodox if crocs are cats :wink: .
Ofcurse I can give good reasons why crocodiles should not act this way on the starting River either for PvP or pve , we all know how deep waters work as a salvation , still I find it wrong for the gameplay .
I loved in the past to build close to the pond of G4 where the great crocodile is . I wanted to drink water fast or to put fish traps in there and all I had to do is jump fast in the salvation waters . So I know very well the benefits of it .
All I ask here is , can you imagine the gaming experience we will have if crocodiles attack in the water ?

And also, and certainly on Siptah, where rivers are shallow/deep enough, crocodiles can remain somewhat unseen as they run/swim along river to you. We all accept reality needs to be put to one side regarding the creatures or the humans would be very quickly wiped out - when last did you hear drums playing when targeted or have predator cats not hiding silently till you’d walked past before pouncing? I am just very pleased crocs do what they do. If they hunted or attacked like real crocs, humans would not stand a chance.

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@Grymm ,Very respectfully opinion , it is almost the base of " why nobody complaints about it " . Thanks for this opinion it is very useful to this conversation :+1: .

ps. Allow me to thank as well @Rino and @arktara ,for their contribution .

Well , now that I finished the Sunday vacuum in the house and my wife left me at peace I can right down my thoughts about your comment :rofl::rofl::rofl: .
Realistic …
The realism actually is far greater than the game , if you really get bitten by a wild animal the pain is so great that confuses your brains and your reactions are purely the escaped ones , so realism is not a priority here . My only concern is gaming experience and more of the weapon recipe usage . As @Kanza1 said very correctly javelins are weapons that you can use in a water fight . In the game we have more than 10 javelins that we never use as intended other for PvP sometimes and only if you know that they can be used in the water :wink: . The prologue of PvP is pve ofcurse , so in this prologue how many pve options you have to learn the usage of javelins when you don’t have a water fight ?
Why should I have to go PvP or in YouTube or in Forums to learn how the javelins are working ?
Crocodiles are the best pve option we have here to learn better the usage of weapons and ofcurse to add more water fight for PvP in the future with other weapons :wink: .

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I agree this is highly unrealistic, but then, it’s hardly a singly unrealistic thing in the game. It seems that the water is there more for aesthetic (and drinking) purposes, and it is, as weird and unrealistic it is, a safe-zone.

That said, I think water is a weird environment which is quite challenging, and very rarely does it seem to be on same level of realism as land in many other games either. And of course one can start from that the element transfers movement from 2D to 3D, and it seems many things, including combat in CE are 2D based. For example, land claims seem to be cylinders, not spheres. And my thrall, standing on ground, can kill a flying bird with his sword.

That said, it could be nice (from realism point of view) if crocs in the lower (walkable) rivers could hide below surface and attack there.

Boats would also be nice. Especially if we had actually larger rivers. (As a fairly new player I haven’t explored into the jungle yet). So yes, lots of things could be nice :wink:


@Starkwolf ,Welcome to the game then my dear friend . I really envy you because the way you experience the game now is the best of all times . If you need various info for the game on YouTube @Wak4863 is one of the best on Conan exiles and siptah ,he plays either console and pc and he can solve most of the problems you will find . Plus he is a member in this forum and he always helps .
So about jungle , It is a biome that most of the times you visit later in the game except if you are veteran . The only things missing from the jungle is aloe ,star metal and dragon bones , all the others are there and plenty . A veteran player goes for pve at jungle and for PvP in the North from day one or two :rofl::rofl::rofl: .
Anyway , thanks for you contribution and welcome again fellow exile .

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About those " animation crocodiles " there are more than just the shattered bridge one ( but I particularly know the one from the shattered bridge because I have used it for my " death plank " for my first boat ( the smaller one of the two ) , if you jump in the water from the first mat ( the smaller one ) then the croc animation one shot you :wink:

also don’t worry too much about @Starkwolf knowledge , if he has a question he can always ask me in global chat :wink: ( welcome on the forums buddy !! :wink: )

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Hah and hey @Kanza1 Though it might be easier in global if you were there as much as you were earlier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thanks, both for welcome and for all the help in my early days!


:stuck_out_tongue: well I’m over there Mondays and Thursdays generally , but yeah new job and siptah’s changes made me play a bit less recently :sweat_smile:

A long time ago, via admin command we use to be able to place piranha in water and they would indeed try to eat you along with some other type of fish.
Oddly, I can’t remember actually seeing them once they were placed, but there was no mistake something in the water was trying its best to eat me.

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i had enough water threats from ARK, i was so relieved and grateful not to have anything dangerous in the water and i like it that way.

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@Darkzavon ,I do understand exactly your point , I never played ark however so I can’t have an opinion about this game . In Conan exiles however that I played a lot, I know every single crocodile spawn . So I would be fool to try to kill them in the water .
Now imagine that you just started the game and you want to visit jungle , all you have to do is swim without stamina and that’s it , you are in jungle . Where exactly is the challenge here ?
The second and most important as I said earlier is the javelin water fight that pve gives you no reasons to use it :woman_shrugging:t3: .
Anyway ,nice to talk to you m8 :+1:

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