Why did Funcom Decide to Split up the player base? And a Conan Battlepass

Just looking for everyone’s opinion here without getting your knickers in a twist.

This is my opinion on the new map. I believe it will cause more problems to the game than good. splitting a limited player base up to start with is just not a stable plan for the game. I’m an entrepreneur and own a very succesful software company I play Conan as a hobby. So I would like to think with all my business experience I know what I’m talking about but people start saying I have no clue.

It’s been mentioned a lot to expand the map I believe there were deeper-lying issues here otherwise they would have done this it was the obvious choice. I still think it is but it’s too late for that now.

I think they need to somehow incorporate this new map into the old one yes it’s a big overhaul but it’s a doable one. Make it a map just off the shore of the current one this project can run for years but what you have done is managed to split your players in half.

For this game to receive regular updates it needs regular funding and to do that, unfortunately, you might hate this they need some kind of battlepass this will generate the recurring income they need to provide you regular updates every couple of weeks. These DLCs will be included in it. Any new weapons or armour will be included in it. You’re directly supporting the developers this way and the project can thrive.

BUT I still come back to the map situation it’s a mess and this project has so much potential.

This is my little rant

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Here we go again :woozy_face: You are running a private server, use the mod and connect the maps for your playerbase.


Not really as of game engine the biggest issue which is was divided was that the current engine could not support the load of one entirely big map but if they were able to update the engine to latest version it might be doable but I’m not in funcom seat to look at all and every fact and database thus if possible without extremely massive stability loss as in they won’t be able to fix it at all then yes I would be happy with that but I still want to pay for it as they are working on making things game wise better



You had me at knickers . . .

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This isn’t a MMORPG. They don’t need to care about how the playerbase is split up. When you buy the game, they’ve got the money. You’re not paying month to month. Before Siptah, there were more servers than players. Siptah couldn’t make the situation any worse than it was.


I hope you don’t take this badly, but here goes anyway.

Any entrepreneur who owns a successful software company has either learned to understand and adapt to what his tech people tell him, or the company won’t stay successful for long. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the tech people have the last word, but the business guys have to take the tech into account in order to make informed decisions.

This is why I mentioned listening to the tech side of the things and making informed decisions. Here’s the tech side of things, as explained by a successful and widely recognized Conan Exiles modder:

“Big overhaul” is a severe understatement when talking about extending the old map to include the new one. It’s an overhaul that’s in the realm of the theoretically possible, but not practically feasible.

EDIT: Fixed a typo.


The issue with adding more to old map (one of the issues) is load times. Your worried about spilting player base… talk about making people want to put game down by adding another 1-2mind to load time. =/

I think alot of people are happy with new map. (on console, so no clue…) I like Direction, and plans they have. New maps = new stuff to fo. You ether support funcom and keep going. Or stay with everyone else on old map.

It hasnt killed any other game…

Also Unreal Engine has a size limit on map to… (2x2milbil or w/e number was. ) Not sure were CE main map is at. On console anyway, I can’t really picture them adding much more with out making load times worse.

I got new PC, (16gb 500ssd msi) That I’m sure wouldnt notice it at all… I doubt I’ll buy CE a 3d time. XD (as much as I would love to toy with mods)


The game needs more purpose, more loops to burn thralls/materials, make the grind meaningful. Why am I farming stone anymore or capturing thralls?
The battle pass is a good idea. Pay 10 euro for content, but actualy get involved in the game. I would definetly buy a battle pass if the rewards were as much as fragments of power but have meaningfull tasks/progression behind it.

@Sera67 UE4 has no map size limit since you can stream levels. With UE5 you’ll be able to build entire cities at real scale. Of course Funcom would need to rewrite their netcode for the game and implement sharding or phasing to control the number of resources/players in a given area.

Yerp. Love the new map, and still enjoy playing the Exiled Lands. My pet ‘dream’ has always been for the core game to be magically transformed to a Siptah-level ‘look’, possibly including trimming down of North and Swungle, BUT then also ‘modularise’ Siptah, North, Swungle, etc, so players start on core game engine, and then can move between the modules - hopefully somehow ignoring memory, server practicalities, bandwidth load, unreal, pc/console, GPU, etc and all working seamlessly. I imagine FC-Tech geniuses will cunningly resolve Clan Inventory access across modules as well as coordinating raids.

I suspect that we (me) often look at other open-world games that have awesome graphics, etc and think it’s always a practical option for all games. Unfortunately Conan Exiles is too complex and too deeply interactive. Some lookalike games kill off large party sizes, pixelated graphics, big and detailed maps, complex dungeons, and varied npcs, purges, surges, weather, etc and pvp, pve, pvp-c, etc.

Long winded summary. I mainly play PvE in the Exiled Lands and dabble now and again in the more PvP-able Siptah.

Your character in Conan Exiles is but a table in an sql data base. Teleportation from one map to another can be done very easily by simply have the game client load a new level(which is an Unreal Engine function, believe it or not) and then importing certain fields from the sql table related to your character, like inventory, attributes, etc.
As to how to make a server control both levels(Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah) depends on how they wrote the net code for the game.

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@GodlyVoice - From your keyboard to Crom’s ears - or at least to Crom’s earthly branch office in the Funcom Dev-dungeon!

I have seen a similar statement by some modders about how “easy” is this to be done, there is going to be no performance loss by using those levels and everything will be stable when 40-70 people log in. For whatever reason, that project went live and died shortly after. Maybe it was not so easy after all.


I just started playing Siptah out of boredom from CE, and the graphics are more crisp and dynamic. I feel a bit cheated that they saved the best for a separate game.
CE was supposed to get the “polish” but I doubt that will ever happen now.

If you’re good at something, never do it for free. :wink:

or maybe you are simply not as good as you think you are :slight_smile:


not all humans have ur morals… :wink:
and i mean no offence!


You want me to pay for another server? so my users can transfer between them. Thanks for your comment it might come down to the players making the solutions you’re right.

That was fun thanks for the morning read everyone. RIP OG Map

From what I read on Unreal Engine and what CE is running, there is a size limit. Later version may not have it… but Load issues aside… there is a limit. Finding balance from massive map data, and SSD limits…