Why did Funcom turn off nudity on official Asia servers?

Why did Funcom turn off nudity in Asia servers?
It was on “full nudity” before but now all the official Asia servers have no nudity allow.
Is this intentional or did they overlooked something?

I miss the boobs and dongs =(

There are countries in Asia that could be really offended by libertinism and nudities. I think is a matter of respect. Of course not all countries in Asia have religious restrictions, but Asia is wide and is not possible to do single country configurations.

but theres an option to turn it on or off
why restrict everyone because some could get offended?
if you turn it off you wont see any nudity, while others can.
but ok, i guess murder and cannibalism is ok but boobs n dicks are offensive. lol

just put a huge warning at the start of game saying this game contains nudity, want to hide it? and thats it they wont see any genitals

They probably turned it off because the laws of various Asian countries do not allow full nudity.
To name an example, Japan censors private parts even in adult videos.

I sure am glad I don’t live in Asia.

Yeah Japan even has to blur hot dogs.

Ever watch Asian p.or.n?

I hope , when they put their clothes off they’re not censored…

No we don’t…

OP: The internet can satisfy your desires.

I agree… There are many of us living in Asia that are not so damn conservative. If people get offended then they can go play on another server but to locked out everyone is crap.

Well that sucks, they denied an entire region of boobs and dongs just because of a few conservative countries.
They had nudity on before when the game was still in early access, no one in the Asia region complained about bouncing jugs and flopping dongs.

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