Why did my full vault of loot dissapear into thin air?

The Vault was and is locked
I think that the vault was full, or mostly
We are 3 good friends and we were together when it happened so it’s not a steal from one of us
It is placed on ground (on a game prefab), surrounded by foundations, no damages on it
There is one other vault close to it and everything in is still there

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So you think it’s possible that the vault displays “Locked” but it is open in fact?

Ok it’s not this, we just tried, I kicked good cop from our clan and he was not able to access the vault

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You got me, it seems very very strange tho

Oh my god…
I was the only connected, I checked 20min ago everything was in, WHAT THE ??

Edit: stuff reappeared, I got the video record, but it has only a few rows and tons of “invisible” slots, I can scroll down the invisible slots

You’re sure it’s not a “filters” issue, right? That used to happen A LOT.

It don’t seems to be, we actually really lost all the stuff from the first vault. The second is probably a visual bug, or lag parsing items idk, but it’s really weird, sometimes it looks like empty, sometimes only a few rows, sometimes it’s full, maybe a filter bug I’ll check. Those bugs should be considered seriously…

Yeah I’m not doubting you man, it’s just what’s happening with your second vault brings back memories of “ye olde Filters bug” so wanted to make sure it wasn’t that.

I had it happen where nothing would populate in vault for like 3 days and when checking I got take all option and I was way overencunvered couldn’t see any inv on my character for over 3hrs and nor being able to see inv I didn’t know how to drop it then my clan mates told me about give all which I don’t know how I missed that option
Anyway everything went back to vault but still couldn’t see it till next day when I logged in and then 3/4s of it was there
It did return and was visible but it took long time
But we r clan of 5 and been wiped numerous times by alpha alliance so we just dropped like 10 vaults and started doing grind to fill them as our base and stations where getting wiped daily
And seemed was only way to stay in game because of vault health
Anyway I think problem I had was there was just to much stuff in small area for game to populate properly
I’m also on Xbox
P.s.sorry for long backstory

That is a good point.

@Good_Cop How big is your base? How much stuff does the server have to load in the area? Too much, and the server and/or clients may be having issues loading it all.

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On a similar note
I have 5 vaults by new asgarth alphas finally leave us alone but i have 4 stiry base bout 10 times in length and bout 8 wide with all crafting stations and with my vaults
(I have no chests as they were constantly looted)
And the population density in this area now buildings aren’t loading fast enough but craft stations are people can walk through walls some times loot your benches I caught a guy logging out at back of my base first I thought he disconnect n watched him log out and in 3 more times till he finally walked through my wall I went down and killed him and he had emptied 2 furnaces with name thralls
So he obviously did it intentionally
Also the alpha alliance has foundation spammedbso much around here and everywhere else for that matter that if your new to game or server you literally cannot build base or anything within 20 sec walk of new asgarth
So now people are just walking into other people’s bases and looting stations
I went to farm for tgralls and ended up walking through someone’s wheel of pain base and not even knowing till I was already inside and wheel of pain loaded but no walls or anything else and I couldn’t leave and once everything loaded in around me I couldn’t move so I logged out and in
To find I was now on the outside wall

10 tiles in length I meant to say not 10× that would b ridiculous lol

If it is so cluttered like you say Bubba, that tons of things are loading so slowely, then it is no wonder vaults go mysteriously empty. The server can’t handle the load.

Ya I emptied like 3 vaults built small base out of loading range for my main base stuffed it full of spread out chests now only have 3 vaults half full and have no prob woth vaults disappearing or loading the inventory and consequently my base seems to load faster n no one has glitches into it cause of slow load for my structures since I have spread out my loot and emptied 3 vaults
Also I guess another added bonus is I have 3 empty vaults for people to waste bombs on if they so choose to try and raid my vaults

Yeah i was thinking perhaps that could be it as we are located near New Asg but at the time all we had was 2 vaults, I also realized that where our base is located is really high on a monument making no structures on the ground load in when you’re on the top.

I know the feeling i lost 7k hardened bricks out of no where and many other items. the case is they don’t care and don’t even bother answering when you report. they totally ignore. there is alot of issues they patch to be fixed but its still there. they are fooling us simply. sorry to hear about your vault i got upset when i lost my items aswell.

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