Why did you kill the game



Ive been playing Conan for a long time. And watched all the changes you made to the game.You want to know why online is to low? First, you nead a very long time to fix glitch in the game. Secondly, you made the game uninteresting because naw farm is to easy. These you devalued RAID. I don’t know who in your company is responsible for the balance, but I do know that he should be fired. I want to remind you that youre making a survival game. Maybe you need to Google what it means to survive?


Not everyone has same ideals on what a “survive” game is, or wants?

Some people like micro-managing there food and water, others don’t… can’t make everyone happy.

I think 1st or 2nd patch in, I was happy. then berry drinks got timers, ruining a good source.
Abunch of food got changed, ■■■■■■■ me off.

healing wraps heal for squat now, and you can’t even move… (they were op at start) made near useless now.

Some of changes have been good, and some like 15 harden bricks per building item make me facepalm. XD

I personally dont want hard core survival… I want more small dungeons and outfits to keep me busy. Less tweaking of items to make me take longer doing stuff. XD


Your right in that FC needs forever to fix fundamental game mechanics.

But I disagree that the grind is too easy. Making things harder makes it more tedious not more challenging.
Survival also means being there longer than anyone else.


Any online sooner or later falls. It makes sense to make the sandbox as interesting as possible, so that at least one player could stay in it for a long time. And if you like to play alone - like to play and most people. Although the developers had to add mass events to enable the participation of all players. Just like a mmorpg.


I agree there is a lot which could use some dev reviewing and fixing it.
I think they do try to fit players expectations but they cant to so when they got a workload which is too heavy.
I do think that may still be the case. (Meaning I dont know wether that is the case or not.)

Unfortunately I have to agree on one thing:
Then the “balancing guy” seems to be off often, when something gets tweaked. Balancing really is a weak spot of You, Funcom!

However I think they should just brainstorm about what issues have been reported since full launch and prior to that and which of those are still there.
Then priority isnt just about how gamebreaking a bug is, but how easy it might be to solve as well.
There most certainly are a few things which would be easy since only a few values in databases would be needed to be altered to fix a few issues.

Those wraps? They would be perfect for using them - IF they healed the double to triple amount compared to the current state with the same limitations we got on them currently. They should be used for out of combat healing in some efficient way.

Also dancers wont heal players back up. They just enhance healing received. I think they might do okay for decreasing corruption only as well. For me thats their main usage now anyway.

Or with the new event log. @Jens_Erik
There is a lil issue in that. Most likely due to how higher values are handled in germany compared to english standards. It’s a pretty easy one.
The range is said to cover “10.000”. However the game treats that dot as a decimal point like in english and else countries, while germany uses a comma to fill that role. While it may have been correct to use the dot in the localisation, it caused a bad issue for german players when they want to check their event log. Currently the german client can show a distance up to 999, because over 1000 it turns to 1.000 and thus to 1.
I would suggest using a single space instead of , because of how that will be handeled by the game. Or just showing a 9876 instead of 9.876.

I tend to lack patience myself, though I usually just quit then. If I deem a game not worthy of spending my time playing it I wont waste it on the games forums eighter.
I can do nothing but hope for Conan Exiles to have been acknowleded as a potential big game by the bosses at Funcom - because if the dev team will be stuck or even reduced compared to full launch (though I really dont know about the personal resources because I never look into those things) this would mean those bosses only used this game as a one way ticket out of debt, leaving players with some unfinished game. But I really dont want to believe that.
Then again, I dont want to believe that people want to hurt each other and people want war with each other because of the silliest reasons. (And I do mean real world war, not some imposed wars between a few gamers which then again know what they do is nothing but entertainment combined with a little competition.)
And thus while I do point at issues, I dont really like to hop on a hate train.
Which doesnt mean that I am not capable of losing myself to my emotions…


I think we are saying the same stuff


Few things in passing.

Healing and numbing wraps will stop damage from and cure bleeding. I find that very handy.

Stacking dancers will heal you. Can test this with the three in the tavern with Conan. Not sure if it goes up from there with more.

The food and drinks have a wide variety of different effects and uses now. Much better choice and utility overall than it’s ever been.


Weird. All I get is these healing received buffs, but I dont get healed by the dancers.
It’s the presence of Conan which heals one up. Obviously that gets buffed by the dancer buff.

Food doesnt have a “wide” variety of different effects.
The sole food with more effect than just healing up is that rhino head soup which then again requires a black rhino head. Okay. And some meals heat up.
I never cared too much about brewing as most stuff will make one tipsy, so… But yes I do know of corruption cleansing, heating up and cooling down. Thats it for these different effects. And of course the benefits of getting drunk. (vit+str)
It could be so much more.

Though hopefully you understood above that I am not trying to hate Funcom or the devs. I am simply stating what comes to me as facts. No reason to be a clueless fangirl eighter. I actually do get at least a few issues. I dont know of many exploits too as I never tried to exploit by will.


We understand your frustrations, but please know that we are constantly working on improving the game and we are taking the community’s feedback into close consideration. You’re welcome to share ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the areas you don’t like, but please do so in a constructive manner :slight_smile:


If I may make a PVP association: when you finally hit Tier 3 you don’t spend all your steel on reinforcing the entire base. You reinforce the most important parts and hope for the best! You reinforce the heart, make it strong and give it a solid foundation. Conan Exiles runs incredibly well even in 40/40 official server environments with bajillions of placeables in the world. This is a giant leap forward from Frozen North, or even Official Release.

We should encourage Funcom to continue to harden its outer layers now. Tier 3 all of it. Zip up the mesh, remove potential temple dupes, stop NPC abuse and continue to buff the AI* go long ways to restoring faith in the deep playerbase. I speak among titans with 3,800+ hours to crush my 3,200. :smiley: Event Log is enough to ensure the whys and hows of our stuff’s disappearance. That restores confidence.

* Not inclusive, just a few top suggestions.


I played for a little while, made a base, killed some mobs, got some thralls, then nothing… no reason to ever log back into the game again. I don’t have any ideas that will help unfortunately, I wish I did. Ark and Rust are both the exact same so it’s not a CE exclusive problem.


People play for the PVP and base building. If you don’t like those 2 things you wont like this type of game. To each his own.


Not on Xbox 1… …you can have 10 players and everything loads to the point you cannot move till it loads, on the pvp side everyone can see right were your good stuff is like crafters as they load first before the walls. So I disagree, 40 players is just unplayable. PC is probably great though…

Edit: By the time they “roll out building optimization in the near future” on consoles as it is put, all the players will be gone having fun in non-broken games!


I feel ya, man. My other driver is PS4 gaming, so I definitely understand.

As far as building guts rendering first? That’s still a problem. This is why you need to build small wheels on all your outer faces, cram all your good stuffs into the mountains or cliffs.


This is also the reason we’re going to roll out building optimization in the near future :slight_smile:


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