Why did you release this?

I’ve played this game solidly since it came on ps plus. There have been numerous updates in this time which have messed the game up but none so bad as this update!

My conan day started with me loading up one of my siptah characters. The first thing to strike me was my luxurious blond ponytail was gone leaving a blond buzz cut. I then noticed I had no arms or legs and had in fact become like a quadriplegic Annie Lennox (any youngsters think of Miley Cyrus when she had super short hair).

I then sleepily rubbed my eyes when I realized my entire base was see through, so everyone could see where things were stashed and what sort of defenders awaited them should they attack! As I tried to navigate my invisible base and benches I then realized to my dismay, even with such a huge update you had not managed to fix the climbing bug that has been plaguing everyone since the last update!? After half an hour of that I managed to find my thrall who had become a floating head and pair of hands as I needed to do a surge to protect my see through base with a bubble. As I left base it quickly became apparent that a nuclear winter had settled upon Siptah as the trees were bare of leaves and other vegetation was missing. Someone also seems to have swapped my ps5 with a ps3 overnight as well as the graphics resemble those of two generations ago. I arrived at the leyshrine to discover most of the floor was missing and there were invisible pillars, great even your own in game structures are messed up!! Whilst doing the surge (low level) the npc’s mostly aggro’d against my horse which usually isn’t a problem but I discovered he has had his health chopped by 2/3 and was in danger of being killed by a dafari cook level 1 - good times! Quite a few of the npc’s were invisible too which was super fun, not. I then returned to my base where it took me another 45 minutes to negotiate invisible doors, gates and walls interspersed with doors I could see but couldn’t interact with as they were behind an invisible wall.

Sadly I didn’t get to try any new stuff like magic as my will to live had been sapped away by such a miserable gaming experience although my friends tell me they insta die when trying to get the sorcery recipe anyway so maybe I saved myself more frustration.

Anyway the game is badly broken and you guys kind of need to put a timeline on when the hotfix is out as I’ve got clan mates already uninstalling the game and other players I speak to, who came back for this update have already quit again.

Last point, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, and this is what you do with your updates. Too much, too big, too infrequent, too many bugs.


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