Why do clans spam landlock for no reason

Yeah, like amassing vaults of mats is hard on dead servers. Get off it. ANYONE who has played this game over 200 hours knows material farming on exiles is not hard. I know. 8 have been in 4-5 man clans and within a week we have 1200 bombs, a full on base, and chests of backups. Now imagine a 10 man clan on a dead server for a month.

And you are trying to justify spamming with real history. You brought it in to discussion. I am just giving the true cost of that history.


pftt… rubbish. We both know the larger the clan is the more resources you have to the point where your stockpiling crap in vaults you don’t even remember you had. When you are at end game with a 5-7+ clan of farmers/pvps mats are so non-issues.

Except you really don’t. To cite your example, the said army would have to ensure they had support / logistics (ie food/water/clothing etc) on a regular basis being depo’d…which would create a point of vulnerability (cost/interceptions etc).

In Conan especially during seasons its “k, i left this spam here, either get a god with lots of AOE or i’ll see you again for 30sec in 360hrs)…keke thx bai.”

Its effectively a troll system.

Except…ethics? not being a jerk? etc etc…you know…human behaviour that isn’t toxic.

Wonder if thats a personality issue you have with said offenders but not really experienced this all that often in Conan tbh. Maybe its a different server culture issue :slight_smile:

This isn’t pvp, this is just pure spam at its finest. PVP means Player vs Player this is pure Player vs Game Mechanics. Even if i farmed up a fortune in DP/Gods and went about removing the spam block by block, within 5mins they could replace it unless we beat them to it. At this point all you’re really playing is multiplayer mine sweeper.

To dress this up as anything but cheesing a game mechanic is purely delusional.

Feel free to not respond either or quote…i’ve said what i needed to say and i’m gonna just walk on past this thread.

The OP’s kinda in the same woods as i’d argue “most” people in the game, this kind of noise in game is why people often just avoid public servers and/or the game. Its just a crap mechanic with little to no other counter measure.


Report, this is breaking the new rules of building limit.

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Lack of presence and care cost even more money in the long run.
You don’t have to defend them but only acknowledge the issues


So, they give you a free server to play on and your complaint is that it is not free enough?

Don’t like the free servers, pay for your own. A 10 slot server clocks in at $136.37/year which results in less than $1.15/person a month.

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I do not know of any open-world game that does not attract this kind of stuff, especially when players are of all age groups and global. This is not new. I know it is sometimes not practical or possible for many players, but if it is possible, you can look around at other official servers that have better reputations, or just go to a private, moderated server - or even rent your own, password it, and invite a core group of friends to play on it.

I have found though, that the small minded that do the spam-build and blocking behaviour often don’t have the staying power. They are often adrenaline junkies that thrive on bullying/abusive actions, but then often move on to another server to rinse and repeat. You can defeat this action by trying to hide your stuff and keeping track of when they are online.

You can screenshot and report, but since there are far too many official servers and simply no credible way to police incidents globally. Also, ANY PvP game has players trying to find exploits, have imagined axes to grind with other people and resort to online as it’s ‘safe’. Check though either of the following channels. They are checked and acted on where possible/necessary:



I would check out the private servers in your global zone and see what you think, otherwise use the above links to report.

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Unfortunately the economy of how nothing decays while stored, and the ease at body vaulting and realistically even just re farming non weapons, thralls and armors, they can jump server to server, and not lost any ground on any of them. With how economy and ease of base mechanics are, Funcom has actually created a troll players paradise.


I have yet to see one other World game that does not have similar kinds of issues. Trollish behaviour is more an indictment on the players that do it than on the respective game platforms.

The saving grace is that there are mechanisms to report game exploits (via the forum reporting lines) and the opportunity to move to other servers that can satisfy user game play. Quite often many troll players have to stick to server hopping as they are unable to survive moderated PvP private servers.

There are password protected PvP servers that have been around for years and function very well with many clans. These are not over-regulated, but have really challenging inter-clan/player battles that test player skills to the limit. There is so little game challenge to spam build blocks and rely on game exploits. These kinds of players exist in all world games (as said), but often is more an indication of players with limited gaming skills. Quite often these players move across servers as you say, but also from game to game. Pure adrenaline junkie stuff.

Do yourself a favour and try out the moderate private PvP servers. Check server reviews (Conan Discord group) and try to get onto those servers.

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I play mainly on PS4, and even though i see the value of private servers, everyone i have come across unfortunately is biased to either a donor set up, or friends of the admin. Rules get tweaked very often on the ones I have played on after a clan, not just the one I am in, gains advantage on the donor/friend. I prefer the regulations to be done by mechanics, and less by humans as that opens many gray areas in general. I am pretty sure that OP thralls are handed out as well, because with renaming you do not know the actual tier of thrall. Go into admin and spawn in some of the non in game thralls (use SP, as some will corrupt save files of an entire server) and then level 1 of those up. 100,000 HP, one shot with star metal weapons. So, again, as long as humans have to mitigate around broken mechanics of the game, there will be gray areas. I do appreciate the concept, but execution leans too heavily on mods to fix some very basic toggles that should exist for servers imo.


You are so right on this one. I cannot blame any of the admins efforts to keep their servers populated, however, this is a good reason not to invest my time in private servers. And again I don’t blame them, they work really hard to create a nice server and for them the gaming experience is almost 0. They are working in their free time too, sad. But I guess is their choice :wink:. I always ask for a server pve for veterans, difficulty barbaric. The only reason I don’t fix my own is the honey barrel. It has to be official, no admins, you lost, you cry, you farm, you are happy again, that’s it, end of story :wink:.


Nope not always. Depends on the clan. Some clans are heavy on farmers and would have tons of mats. Some large clans are heavy on PvPers that hate to farm and don’t even really build up their owns bases.

But even for a large clan, they are still burning resources trying to control territory like this.

LoL you call it a troll system. I call it effective tactics.

We would STEAM ROLL you with tactics like this.

And here you are proving my main point. Too many people like you have a VERY LIMITED view of PvP and want to assign some sort of ridiculous “morality” to certain tactics.

In the end, there are only winners and losers. The slayer and the slain.

Kinda reminds me of Nietzche’s master and slave morality. I prefer the master morality. Nothing holds me and my clan back except using hacks and cheats. You and many others are still stuck in that slave morality line of thinking…

Which is one of many reasons why so many people get steam-rolled in PvP.

Here is another prime example of that false morality in gaming. Was recently playing in a small clan going up against 3 full clans, all allied with each other. They kept building open map-rooms so all 3 clans use them. And of course we starting blowing them up as quick as they made them.

They start whining and crying that “we are jerks”, “we are toxic”, “open map-rooms should be off limits”, “open map-rooms are public domain and good for the health of the server”, etc. Just like you are doing, trying to assign a morality to certain tactics. Basically they really believe that there is NO REASON anyone should blow up open map-rooms.

Pure nonsense. They are 3 full clans and they use those map-rooms for mobility to attack us. And by us destroying any open map-room, it greatly hinders them by restricting their quick mobility over the map.

It is simply tactics. In my view, if you can do it via in game mechanics, then do it. Those that denigrate such tactics, it is just the bleating of the weak.

paper cups

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I would like to believe most of us are “grown up” adults who cannot expect a publisher to “police their game” (except in cases of copywrite violations).
What I find disturbing though, is a lack of maturity and responsible behavior from what I once believed were adult people.
What do I find instead? My impression is definitely not in favor of people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves.
Don’t expect FC to fix something that immature and childlike gamers created themselves. It’s time to grow up.

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So, fund your own server.

When free isn’t free enough, that seems a bit . . . odd.

Oh I forgot. Besides the “morality” angle used to denigrate certain tactics, people also throw out the “childish” and "grow up"angle as well.

So add that one to the list as well. Good luck on the PvP battllefied :wink:

See you found another way to troll. well again, do research and you will see where i talk about to run a server, i would not be able to play on it legit. To tempting to dip in the honey pot, and even if i played straight, the cloud is there for people who fell cheated to point blame. But i understand, research is not your thing, just trolling. Paper cups.

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Yeah. For sure. Because that’s what the server needs more spam next to that spam and then you gotta put spam that spam. You could always foundation wipe it. Just grind bombs for the next 17 months… Game so a broken mess. Been broke then everyone they tried to fix more broke. Weapon balancing broke. Flying animals broke. Inventory glitch. Hit boxes are ridiculous. No damage from attacks. Spears turn into a flag poll pretty often… games so dead. Hardly any 1 on

In my experience with clans that do this is because they do not want you to build up at all. They want to landlock you in, make you feel as uncomfortable as possible, and if you stick around, they’ll eventually raid you and wipe you.

These clans also have sat on dead servers for well over a year, body vaulting stashes on alts (making a rainy day fund in case they get hit), building everywhere, and spamming land claim to keep anyone from being able to build up. If you are decent enough at pvp, you would probably be a problem for them as they usually rely on spam and squashing new players before they can build up. Alas, if they have numbers on you, that may be tricky to compete with no matter how good of a pvp player you may be.

Do I think there should be a build limit? Yes. Depending on your clan size, should determine how much you should be able to build. This game and our consoles can only handle so many assets to load in. This would help reduce lag and the spamming of land claim. I laughed when I read the comment about someone calling it a FOB and comparing it to literal war tactics. If we are going to compare this game to real life war tactics, we might as not have a serious conversation about OP’s question. This is a game, it’s a controlled environment meant to replicate the story about Conan the Barbarian. Not Conan the land claim spammer lol.


I totally agree with you. To every single thing :+1:. If I could add something here that might help is my vault idea. I believe that every clan deserves one vault that it is unbreakable, one just one. This would give to everyone a fighting back chance. Even solo pvp players could stand a chance. Still I believe that the words of @Vahlok were correct. If we try to play nice as adults, it would be wonderful, the question however is, how old someone have to be to become a real adult?

And what is really comical is that so many people fail to understand that the building system itself can be used as a weapon. And not just what this thread is covering. There are others.