Why do funcom delete comments on their streams asking when speedhacking is going to be fixed and/or eliminated?

Why do funcom delete questions asking about when they are going to stop speedhacking?

I’m gonna go on a limb here and assume it was because you aren’t properly reporting exploits to the zendesk and for bonus points probably referred to them by a less pleasant variation of their name.

2 reports of speedhackers have been reported recently by a clanmate. Identifying the clan responsible with video evidence, yet that clan are still playing on EU official servers.

yes, they also deleted my comment from youtube (in the latest video the recap of 2021) and the question was not asked as inappropriate by threatening the developers or by calling funcome in any way or form
the comment how about to resolve speed hacking in 2022 click on my channel (I said click on my channel because is full of videos of speed hacking)

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