Why do NPCs refer to some of my characters as a "murderer"?

A couple of my characters are occasionally told they have a “sinister reputation” or are called a “murderer” by NPCs. Are these random statements or are there acts I am doing that are flagging my characters as such?

Do you have any specfic examples, cuz I’m trying to think back and the only one that comes to my mind is the Noble Lady that had her house taken over by outlaws. After you kill the boss that was holding her hostage she’s not very impressed with you.

The NPC at the barracks called my main character a murderer, and one of the NPCs (trader? traveler?) in Conach had said I had a “sinister reputation”. Will screenshot it next time I get a response like this.

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I think they are fixed lines. I get them too.

Considering that this is an MMO and there is no peaceful run, the game assumes you have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of living creatures.