Why do servers keep going down

Right so, i’ve seen so many posts about so many other bugs, but is no one going to talk about how almost EVERY server shuts down or crashes and kicks people out like every 10 minutes. Im sure theres has been things said else where but i havent seen anyone address this issue. Its impossible to play the game because the servers just keep kicking people out and sit at 9999 ping for about 20 minutes. And this isnt just on one server, when i try to go back on and rejoin, NO server has any players in and half of them have 9999 ping. Idk whether this is a problem on my side, theres nothing wrong with my internet connection. i just want to know wtf is going on…

It’s an attack on the servers using an exploit. It’s what they said they’ve fixed in the newest patch. Our server’s admin has kept us in the loop about it.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve heard so many different reason, DDOS, exploit, Game files failing, etc. I hope they drop the patch soon because i’ve been dying to put some serious hours into this game but atm its impossible

According to reports, the FIX is in testive now. So hopefully next patch.

Do we know when the next patch will be?

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Hey SgtFrost,

It will go Live this week unless they find severe issues.

See Upcoming features on the wiki for more information.

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