Why do tested patches behave so unpredictably?

I am not Cattibria but did you mean this


Yes @Melcom, that is the link that no longer works for me. :sob:

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My link too ?

I clicked your link, takes me to ‘this page no longer exists or has been made private’

  • edit: Hmm, second time I tried it worked, thanks for your patience. :+1:

What can I say, I am a dog person too :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Always there for us thank you m8 :+1:t6:

Edit. I use self phone and it works correctly

Pls try again


it works now, thank you :grin:


You are welcome


If you’re talking about Melcom’s avatar, that’s not just any dog, that’s Idéfix (or Dogmatix in English), from Astérix comics. I love Astérix almost as much as I love Gaston Lagaffe.

I apologize for the off-topic post, but every time I see it, I wanna gush about it and I’ve never had an excuse to do so before :smiley:


I see nothing suggested as an alternative to my current tack. You seem to be suggesting that i just give up my task.

I am an able minded adult, you do not need to explain to me the difference between what i requested, and what you are attempting to dictate i intended.

I merely ask that my suggestion to add quality to CE be accepted as any other suggestion, like adding coconuts or ziplines as content. Except my suggestion dosent lead to any negative experience for players. Im not asking to unbalance game play, adding or removing some element of play because it affects some peiple. I am speaking about improvements to functionality. Period.

How in the name of Crom can you know what i am willing to accept? I make no demands. I command nothing or noone. You assume too much.

I have received two moderate post. 100 % correct. You have successfully counted up to 2! 1st mod post was to clarify what catibria had posted in my last thread. 2nd post was to tell me to not openly speak about mod actions. Actions they perform openly and in full view of everyone. Seems shady, thanks for bringing it up.

I have seen posts suggesting all sorts of silly content additions, nerf requests, weapon changes, etc. receive moderator replies, forwarding those suggestions to the appropriate FC personnel. I only ask for the same considerations. Nothing more.

The moderators ignore the suggestion and topic, but not the thread. Been here, only performed post actions.

Inserting oneself into the dealings of another, is rude, very rude…and often it makes oneslf look foolish and ill prepared…good day!

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Actually yes, yes he is. This is a private forum run by a private company. Everyone who chooses to use this forum is very lucky to be granted the freedom to speak on this forum and can have that freedom revoked at any time if they violate the guidelines such as the ones already linked in this thread. Is that seriously hard to comprehend?