Why do you like to play vanilla (without mods)?

Hello there. Recently, we ended up making our own server. Of course, we started with many mods, like AOC, EEWA, and so on. Soon, we realized that how much they could break the balance of PVP. (But I still love them). So we thought, we could make something vanilla-like, “Vanilla+”, with some QOL changes (Pippi, IQOL, etc.) I’m interested in your opinion why do you play Vanilla instead of [insert any kind of other server here] ? I’ve seen other post where some people was straight against mods, so do a vanilla player would like to join a ‘Vanilla+’ server - where no balance changes made? Also, I could use some intel on rates (gather,xp) because I heard that, high rates (10x) could easily break the balance.

Have a great day to everyone. :wink:

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There are so many possibilities to set up a private server. Nearly everybody’s wishes can be fulfilled.
If you want it hardcore - no problem
Vanilla - no problem
Building - no problem
RP - no problem
PvP - no problem
Strategic - no problem
Classic fantasy overhaul - no problem
Survival- no problem
Exploring - no problem
There are mods and setups for everything

The only problem is to set up a server which will cover everything above. This won’t be possible.


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