Why does eating Cooked Savory Shellfish often take away health?

Can someone explain the logic behind the fact that often when my character eats Cooked Savory Shellfish or Exotic Shellfish they loose a section of health?? This used to be compensated by the fact that eating it then gave back health and so no big deal. But since the update food doesn’t give very much health at all, so eating the Shellfish often just takes health. Am I allergic, or do I not know how to peal it, I don’t get it.

I asked a similar question awhile back. What’s happening is this: when you’re “full” (food/hunger is at 100%), you actually receive a health buff. Your base health actually becomes higher than normal. You then “heal” up to the new maximum, which unfortunately doesn’t last very long. It’s not just with shellfish, and you can test this for yourself. Let your hunger drop down (not too low!) and take note of your maximum health. Then eat up to 100%, and take note of your maximum health again. You’ll notice that after eating to 100%, the maximum health # is higher. It’s not at all explained in-game, and it does look like you’re “losing” health…but you’re really not. :slight_smile:

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thanks makes more sense

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