Why does funcom hate thier single player offline mode?



Let me know if this works. I once got a discount on a table saw because the box was open and the instructions were missing.

I think it is more like buying a product that is advertised as having a feature but the feature is not included.


It is a good feature to have as one can change their experience of playing by making it more difficult or more soft.

Your efforts are appreciated.


I agree.

Though, I don’t think they have the resources to spare for a 3-pronged (PvP, PvE, SP/MP) development, because it’s efficient to create one-size-fit-all solutions, because they have to otherwise do 3 different test-lives for each mode, across 4 platforms.

The last time a game split PvE from PvP was H1Z1… you can guess which of the 2 died.

People actually prefer being a$$holes more often than compassionate engineers and passionate artists.


I do not doubt that there are people playing games that are like that. Co-operatives are populated with socially aggressive players.

I have see a couple great games fall because they were attempting to balance PvP. I believe it can never be done.

As far as Funcom needing to split the game, I would rather they didn’t. I would rather they make attempts to compromise so that each feature gets a “best fit” treatment rather than an attempt to silence complaints or threats to leave the game. I would not have an issue with some events/items being curved toward group play as long as an equal number of events/items are curved toward Solo/Co-op play: compromise.


A genuine question to you @Shadoza :
If Funcom’s comprise is to enable the single player/co-op game is to provide more switches to turn off features or sliders such as to reduce hit points on the world boss and/or boss level creature without affecting the damage they do OR affecting the non-boss low hp creatures … would you consider it reasonable to change those settings at level 1 after you’ve selected the default difficulty setting?



I think the Vault is a good measure of the balance they try to strike between PvE and PvP.
So far their balancing has been good. (from a PvE point of view… I care about a vaults capacity mroe than it’s HP… so all in all, it’s a PvE favored balancing)

However there are things that are so fundamentally mutually exclusive to each 3 modes that splitting is the only way to really fix it. Take for example: There are no limits to what you can build in PvE. If you build a road across the entire map and build cities all along that road, there is nothing other players can do about it. This is clearly something designed for PvP.

If CE had the resources to make a PvE-only version, there’d be an instanced cavern for everyone to use as a private base, with major resource locations being no-build zones, thriving public city systems, vendors, container PINS. But this is mutually exclusive of PvP.

You know what I mean?

And player vendors is in turn mutually exclusive of single player mode.


Besides, you know those Cimmerian Berserkers?

I have 1 of them, decked out in silent legion and wielding Hanuman’s Gada… She soloed 4 frost giants and 2 mammoths at the same time without so much as a scratch, during a purge. That is incredibly badass…
Thralls count as soloing, especially if your encumbrance build.

The secret weapon to all modes (except PvP) are thralls.

… Unless you are near lava. Then your thralls are a waste of the things you put on it, and it’s not something that can fix very fast either… think thralls need to recognize lava as a thing, therefore colliders


I agree that certain things must be tolerated because it cannot be balanced. I believe that a compromise can be discovered if that is where the focus is.

Like building anywhere would be fine in PvE if there were danger zones where a structure could be destroyed. If it were possible to set a footprint on the terrain that states if you build in this area (like around an obelisk) your structure can be damaged by players in PvE. Kind of a PvE-C situation that is not on a schedule.

I do understand what you are meaning.


If there were a slider to make world bosses lower in HP for solo play and only the bosses not the standard enemy, that would be of great use.

I would also like a toggle for auto regen. I was able to kill the bone dragon solo in EA because I could avoid the boss long enough for my health to regen. That is not happening now and the food doesn’t heal fast enough to avoid life-threatening damage.

A way to cause things that are set on timers, like the star metal meteor falls and the purge attacks, to happen when a player is playing would be good for a Solo. As it is, the timer seems to reset each time I log in so I almost never see meteor falls. I have not see a purge yet either. I think I do not do enough actions or the purge actions might be resetting when I log in as the meteor falls do.

Please ask about taking the oil out of the recipe for the T2 Insulated Wooden structure pieces. Maybe shaped wood can be used instead…it just seems odd that a T2 structure cannot be created until the player is too close to T3 structure production.


@Kwalya Not sure what you are asking.
I would love to be able to reduce the HP of a boss without adjusting other targets. It is not that bosses, world or dungeon, are hard to kill but rather that the world bosses have so much HP that it takes a single player a very long time to take them down. The fight starts feeling boring after such a long time.


Thank you for the list of suggestions @Shadoza
Please don’t boo me if I ask you to also post them in our Suggestions subforum so they can gain higher visibility (not only for us, but for other community members to chime in and discuss). :stuck_out_tongue:


Which feature is not included?


Huh… I’ve always had the impression that general is where the action is at, and “suggestions” forums is just some napkin bin for people’s pipe dreams?

Just my impression anyway. As long as you lovely smooth-skinned angelfeathered mods read and catalog it, that’s all that matters in the end :3


Get 40 vitality. Drink 1 herbal tea and eat 1 roasted haunch. You will heal 50% HP within 10 seconds.

I very often got called a cheater in PvP just because I knew how to heal effectively.

As usual: knowledge is power.


We do check it, but we can’t answer back as actively since in most cases we have to discuss them with the team and that takes some more time than in other sections.
We’ve already started sending some threads to their correct sub-forums too, to help with organization and readability :slight_smile:


Tascha created a pretty cool sticky in the suggestions sub-forum a few months ago, which featured the status of ideas and suggestions ; which were discussed and which were noted but not discussed yet by the dev team.

Even though it’s not required, it was a really really nice gesture to share that with the community, and it was one of my favorite posts to check on.

Did this get integrated into Trello? If not, I think it’d make a lovely edition, if you’ve got the time for it :3

I also have a feeling it might be a bit of a slippery slope considering peopel instantly consider “discussed suggestions” as a full-blown promise, which is why that sticky ain’t there no more?


You totally contradict yourself.

First one you say you enjoyed face tanking, then you say that the world bosses are not challenging enough, just basically time drain kills. So you want a boss with more strategy that you will face tank through anyways??? Confusing logic.

And the first one assumes all PVP people want to show how alpha bad they are. That is not true. I want, and many of my friends and clan mates, a world boss (hell all NPCs) that will make me think strategically, and i can’t exploit, face tank , or button mash heavy attack through. Not for how alpha bad i will feel, but for the adrenaline rush of risk/reward when doing something. that makes the tranquill farming time more bearable as well, because it would allow for the calm after the storm of rushing a camp or world boss. Ebb and Flow. Yin and Yang. Right now doing most NPC combat is just another type of farm run, not an adventure.


Allow me to attempt to help clarify this confusion.
When asked if I enjoyed the game when I could easily defeat (face-tanking) the boss, I said that I did enjoy the game. However, my issue is not that the bosses are too challenging, hence world bosses are not challenging, the issue is how long the fight can take when fighting solo. In simple words: My issue is not in level of difficulty. My issue with world bosses is the high HP which increases fight time to a boring point.


I won’t “boo” you for certain. I will make the suggestion under that tab.

I do not expect the suggestions to receive a proper discussion. Most likely there will be oppressive comments and a few troll attacks. This usually happens when I post such in a highly visible fashion.


I agree, the HP makes them more of a multiplayer deal. But there are other aspects i wish were more challenging, but have been scaled back towards SP. Like having multiple religions, or changing religions. A clan of 10 could cover all religions, but because a SP needs access to all of them, they are set as a recipe to learn so they can enjoy the aspects of all of them. Same with the lack of a true skill/att tree. It is designed for people to easily jump between roles as a SP. The cost is extremely cheap. DCUO has the feature, it is expensive (or was, haven’t played since i CE in may cam out.) People have talked about alliances, but i feel clans are in fact more of an alliance with harsh break up penalties (loss of everything i own) of SP. So to think everything is catered to PVP/Clans is an opinion i can’t agree with.