Why does funcom hate thier single player offline mode?



Which is fine. I do not expect others to agree with me.


Nah, they sound anti-multiplayer.

I guess a good RPG might fit you better than some survival sandbox then.
I never even heard of any advanced playmode outside of the usual RPG. Never played that anyway.

For me a survival sandbox actually starts to be fun when encountering other people after having reached the levelcap. Just spending time having fun. Be it fighting, kicking each other off a pole or just dancing a night away, talking with each other. Or a plain run through some dungeon.
I create my own game experience by doing these things. I dont “finish” those games.
(I am yet to delete my bracelet with a toon.)
This shows how we both play in extremely different ways.

This also explains why I would be in for some real endgame challenges, while you just want to have a nice ending and thats it. (May have misunderstood you though?)
Which then explains why there are these differences between what the one or other person/party wants.

Thing is:
These ways to play a game simply are not compatible.
(Again a reason why I was only half joking with that suggestion.)
The one who wants to finally start playing and the one who just wants to enjoy a game until it ends.
There is a reason why there are completely different genres.

I do believe that you would be better off playing a proper RPG - or on some server which basically got changed to some RPG. (Private with lots of quests and stuff. It IS possible by utilizing Pippi and other mods.)
The actual game itself may feel a tad bland if one wanted to play an RPG instead, as everything is supposed to be balanced with endgame in mind. (It’s not only healing which got that problem. Ever tried archery? That is balanced for endgame too.)

Never happened to me though. And if someone else gathered iron at the same time I did, I didnt bother about grabbing another node but went completely elsewhere instead. There are a lot of different places for iron.

Balancing a PvP+PvE game is already hard to do, as PvE players might turn crazy if stuff gets balanced for PvP. Same happens the other way around.
Originally the game was presented to be some clan vs clan PvP game. After a while, they added the first dungeon, which basically was the first PvE stuff one could really do. People liked it. Though some went on a rampage that they should balance PvP properly.
Creating a game which caters to all three playstyles is basically impossible to do.
…if you are trying to satisfy everyone to the same extent and want to provide a fully fledged game for everyone.

I mean… There isnt a single pve use of trebuchets, right?
Why have them in pve to begin with? What reason is there the usage of them being part of the journey?
Explosive jars were the same prior to starmetal. They had no use outside of pvp.

But where exactly do you see a difference in opportunities?
Because you cant easily kill a dragon solo? Because these “worldbosses” got high HP?
There is at least one which is easy to farm for the legendaries.
I do agree on some t0 healing wrap might be needed. Aloe potions arent that hard to do, but require getting a fair share of iron prior to that.

Also it’s not pvp players who care about pve content. They care about balanced content and features, which can cause a nerf. Prior to full launch, I was more of a solo pve player myself, and even nowadays, every pvp player is playing more pve than pvp due to grinding and stuff.
So mostly, people voiced their doubts and thoughts because of i.e. a certain spidy dying in a single stamina bar. Nobody guessed that Funcom would scale the bossHP to a felt hundredfold…

Though I guess it is safe to say that pve-guys are the ones who stick to a game for a much longer period.

Yes please! This seriously needs a slider which only affects bosses. I had been suggesting that too, since that would perfectly solve the issue.

Done by going for 30 vitality. It is your choice to discard the possibility if you prefer other attributes.

Hm, I dont know. You might want to try changing the settings of purge for your solo though.
Like rising the time it takes to account points to your bar, max amount of purges per day and so on.
But in the end, purge got a huge random factor, so I would rather see a forced purge upon hitting the absolute cap of that bar.


First off I dont think Funcom hates their singleplayer base at all, thats just being overly dramatic. And they are in a fairly unenviable position. I dont plan to get too bogged down in this discussion, but as an offline singleplayer, Im going to put my two cents in and then leave it at that.

There are two important points I wish to raise here. First off I dont feel entitled to special treatment or concession; I knew What I signed up for. But the first is this whole ‘gung-ho’ approach to nerfing everything needs to stop. There has been too much nerfing and rebalancing to date. I acknowledge that sometimes it is necessary, however by and large, it is getting out of hand. For example, Avatars are now ridiculously underpowered for what they are. They are GODS for goodness sake. Acheronian is worthless now. Almost all of Derketos Manifestation of Zeal abilities have been removed. And now whinners are calling for the Spear to be nerfed!? Its one of the few weapons we have which levels the playing field against World Bosses. Please…learn to be more proficient at dodge and countering instead of demanding it be weakened! Master the gameplay, thats how people such as myself have defeated the odds against superior opponents such as the Undead Dragon and World Bosses.

Second, for singleplayers, we are now beginning to experience an excess of what we had all become disenchanted with in recent times…the unecessary GRIND. It is gradually crawling towards becoming absurd for singleplayers. For example, the cost of just one reinforced stone foundation, let alone an entire base worth of them is taking the mick for one person. We are a one man workforce, and often operating on limited play times. For a further example, how long would you estimate it takes a singleplayer to harvest enough volatile glands for 10 demonfire orbs as opposed to a clan of 20-30 people? The answer for us is A LONG TIME. Look, I accept that I need to bend to the winds of change considering how the game is geared. But please…enough with the constant, unwarranted nerfing!


My point is offline single player mode is forced to use admin commands.

The PVP nerfs hurts 75% of the other modes.

If Funcom focuses only on PVP nerfs then it hurts the game other modes.

I do not want to use the admin commands, because as a gamer it would feel wrong to cheat.

I want to play the game how it was suppose to be made none admin commands.


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