Why does it take funcom so long to fix stuff?

Not legally they can’t.

I’ve seen G-portal run other games. They run worse than CE.

And no, I don’t want 20 per server, if it were up to me it would be 200 per server. But Gportal can’t do that. So its a fantasy. Just like having 40 man lag free servers on G-portal.

Wrong statement… Not the free weekend players r to blame…
Besides if they cannot afford more players in their servers ,then they should open more servers due to upcoming free event …

says who ?
do you happen to have the agreement between funcom and gportal in your hand?

they gportal might be under a clause that says they are obligated to provide good service, if they do not they could cancel the contract and use someone else.

Why do you talk on behalf of funcom do you work there or something lmao half of what you re saying ain’t even true . Mr know it all

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I asked. I was only told that they have a partnership. If that isn’t good enough for evidence here, then neither is the assumptions you all are making either.

Try it yourself. Filter the servers by player count and join a 70, 80, or 90 man server and see the performance for yourself. I bet you won’t.

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aasked whom? can i see the response and the person who told you so? cause if its said to you it must be common knowledge. i would love to see that statement said by funcom, look forward for the screenshot.

(somethings tells me you will not provide such evidence of your claim, but i will give the benefit of the doubt. so please bring forward the evidence that backs your comment will ya? )


I can’t speak for PVP servers, but on PVE(-C) servers the “why now” has an easy answer: overbuilding.

The influx of players to the game has brought many players to the servers. Not just new players, but also old players coming back and trying out the new changes. As a result, you get a whole bunch of players building elaborate builds everywhere they can.

Some of those are also ridiculously massive, but even if those weren’t there, we would still have the same problem due to the density. Most of the “hot” spots on the map – and many that aren’t so hot – now have two or more buildings, none too massive, but all of them a stone throw’s away from the other.

So now you have 20+ players riding around, making the server send them a whole bunch of data all the time as they come into the range of all these builds and ride out of the range again.

Long story short, the PVE-C server I’m currently playing on gets laggy AF as soon as there are more than 20 players online. When there are 30+ players online, the server FPS remains in the single digits all the time, and if this doesn’t let up, the server ends up crashing.

That depends: optimized enough for what? It’s certainly not “optimized enough” to support more than 20 concurrent players on GPortal’s hardware when the building density on the map is as high as it currently is.


Performance in a full sever pre 3.0 was perfectly fine. I know this because theses are the servers I try and play on.
Performance after 3.0 on a full sever absolutely horrendous. So we blame g portal now? Maybe but it seems less likely then FC messing something up.

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People have been complaining about performance on the servers 20+ players for a very long time now, well before 3.0.

Their twitter forum is littered with the wreckage of a billion screams complaining about the server performance since the long ago.


I don’t see how this isn’t really considered common knowledge. I mean you literally see G-Portal advertised in game.


thank you,. that does not mean the partnership cant be broken , or for them to switch to another company if the one they are working with is not functioning as they should under their agreement.

changing the server provider is something funcom could do, under the right circumstances.

Hardly and not on the scale it is currently. It’s actually unplayable

I don’t think it’s that hard to communicate to the community. I’d like to know is the issue going to get better soon? Or should my clan just pack it in and move to a different game?

I don’t doubt that. But the details aren’t available to you or me, and they aren’t any of our business. Performance of officials while they do affect those who play on them were not a guarantee or included feature of Conan Exiles. That is literally between FC and G-portal.

I will say this, FC has taken measures to improve things on their end. Those of us who play and host private servers benefited from this. Especially those of us who run mods. There was a night and day difference sometime last year.

Agree, then, the following statement i am quoting is also within the same “details are not available to you or me” is not entirely precise.

you dont know, i dont know either, only funcom knows, but i am sure there is “conditions” on that service contract. and as in any other contrat there are ways for funcom to cancel the contract , to free themselves from any “obligation”. as in any other contract.

tell that to shareholders that are not making more money due to how servers are running, imagine someone new trying out the game, and finding out the game is unplayable due to gportal or the game code, most people out there will say the game is unplayable , they will not go into the trouble to find where the problem lies, those people in most case will toss it. without spending a dime on it. that is money funcom is not earning. since we have been forever, we know better, we know it is probably very old server hardware, or the servers are NOT working as they should , i can relate to some privates taht run extremely well with 40 people on. so it seems it is not the game but the server service being provided to us in the form of “official servers”

official servers are like a gateway for new players before going to privates , i play on both private and officials) if new players finds that the game runs like crap, then there is no sales.

Like I said, we’re going into territory that is none of our business.

I don’t know if this is true or not as there was some server downtime some months ago that involved hardware configuration. Sorry I don’t have more info on that, I didn’t delve into it. I happened to see it pop here in the forums for a day or so. I’m not even sure if it was every server cluster or not. But this happens all the time. The server I play on went through this recently with its provider. This usually involves an IP change.

may i wish they find a solution to the official server problem? even if that means chaning the server provider?

I mean the 50,000 tweets screaming about server performance since 2017 beg to differ but do you my dude.

I will because I’m seeing it first hand. 50,000 questionable number but over 5 years ok. How about all the complaints over 1 week?

I mean I already did. You saw the response I got. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they would switch to another provider. And I think they should. My position on that hasn’t changed. I just know why they haven’t and understand why they don’t. Doesn’t change what -I- want, or what you want for that matter.

It’s not gportal ark doesn’t have lagg compared to ce and as for dayz it’s not optimized as well so ofc it’s going to be the same it’s all about performance and optimizations and coding. It’s hard af don’t get me wrong because usually when you fix one thing it causes a web of other problems