Why does it take funcom so long to fix stuff?

The more critical a bug is (especially to their bottom like) the sooner it will be addressed. I don’t see FC being any different in this regard.

Yeah, he picked a poor example to make his point. I get his point though. There are “issues” which are affecting him and other players that FC doesn’t seem to be prioritizing appropriately. Yeah, that’s probably true - but to my point that’s also the case with other game companies too. FC isn’t exceptional in this regard - which is what I was saying to the discussion at the time.

I would add that it’s not just a hardware limit though. It’s got a whole lot to do with G-Portal’s competence in combination with FC’s net code. This is me yesterday on an official server with only 3 other people logged on at the time and the server listing said my ping was 66:

Yeah, I knew Die-Verbannten are popular, especially in Germany, but I had no idea they were SO popular. :smiley:
btw. happy anniversary forum day :partying_face:


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100% netcode issue.

I had this too on dogs of the desert training server (private). Usually I have 60 ping there as well.

To demonstrate official server performance even more:

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ps5 players have much more advantage compared to ps4 player in pvp servers. (lag vs no lag) good luck dude :point_right::ok_woman::upside_down_face:

Because most of their employees were released years ago and the pandemic didn’t help recruitment. Tencent needs to hire more talented developers to help them.

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There are several dev slots open on the Funcom slot for this game and Dune and others :slight_smile:

This is the only possible remote position at the moment:

In consideration of remote:

Great for those close enough to the studios but for the rest we’re automatically out of the pool of consideration.

wait a minute :mag:

Thats not correct. They had openings in North Carolina. (I work in the gaming industry, these are things I keep up on :wink: )

They had NC positions for both Dune and Conan Exiles and they were listed as hybrid though required you to move to Durham.

Perhaps they filled their application quota and took them down again but as of Friday afternoon they were up.

My advice is pay attention to their Linked In account. It posts job openings fairly regularly.

I know I have relocated for gaming jobs and will continue to do so if I love the company and the game I would be working on.

It is up to the point from which I posted. This was directly taken from Careers in Funcom - Funcom

For the US:

No interest in moving to the US or Europe for me. So again, unless you’re local you’re SOL even if it is remote.

The point I am making is that telling people to apply to help them isn’t a solution.

Sorry I misread you. Yeah - if you don’t live in Europe or the US then there are no remote positions. Most of the big companies don’t do full remote. Lot of indies still do.

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This means nothing. Cause if it did, they wouldn’t have approved the mess we got on ps4.

Multiply Times they should have said No. (over several of these patches.

I don’t think this means type of testing people think it does.
Live version of game Should not be a ■■■■■■■■ testing ground for Devs.
I payed for a working title, not a constant test Copy.

This update should have 100% been held back. Is no excuse anyone can give to make this acceptable.
None - Zero.

Save that people at top don’t care when Staff comes forwards and tell them its not ready… but hey, business. Push it Out door!

I should NEVER get a update, for a Live Game that blue screens non-stop. Runs like its trying play form an Atari.
Funcom keeps saying there listening(they are listening), But these updates that don’t run, say otherwise.
They counter all good there doing every time.


I have checked all the social media- All I can find is Ads or posts of pics from private servers and single player. So after combing all the official media (and soliciting them), I went to the discord (which is NOT official) and it lead me here to the forums (where I see sticky threads from 2 years ago as the latest posts). I cant find any communication around addressing the current state of official servers (Balancing, dupes, latency)… If I am missing something- Please educate me so I can direct me attention there.


Can agree with this, combine this now with duping and suddenly “new” players and their creative builds are over extended. Its comical to see how quickly that exploded in one week as well.

But… some of the designs are quite creative too. :smiley:

One could mount a case that additional code, untested means more impact on infrastructure and requires more memory/network etc. If their business agreement with gportal is to keep things lean and not bump in perf to match parity with the new work, yeah… can easily be a case to put forward on the “why” gportal is the next source of issue(s).

Its moot on either points. Asserting 50k of negativie criticism of the brands ability deliver on a promise is again brand erosion working. That’s 50k with influences of N+ in telling others “the game is broken, dont buy” etc.

Point holds either way that unless you address your products deployment problems, you will suffer in sales.

It could be something as innocent as an under-specd deployment within gportal to shave costs on “free” hositing for the game. Given Funcom don’t take revenue per month for this game, the cost of hosting comes out of their sales. Funcom have shown little to no positive attitude towards upholding the promise that Official servers are well… their “official” best foot forward, then it would make more sense to argue that gportal aren’t probably to blame but the instructions they are given.

irony is Funcoms brand erosion is now spreading to gportal as well … smh

The premise that Unreals replication is somehow problematic here is a bit confusing for me to read. As the only realistic reason for entity / artifacts to be loaded into server memory and maintain some form of ongoing state is if they are constantly via code being overbloated into ensuring that the state be broadcasted in constant streams. Majority of what you mentioned is still a client-side performance issue as from a network standpoint loading entities into memory is a rounding error for a game like this - unless they have coded it specifically to be that way.

Think of fortnite code (which the network stack in Unreal engine uses as a major test bench for replication) if what you’re point is asserting is that every player in a session suffers server performance because every building, actor etc all needs “replication” enabled then well we’d arrive at the same point you made.

However it doesn’t. So… smells like a Funcom moment where they are likely overstacking the replication to the point where its just bad tech debt with bad architectural design patterns.

Only thing that comes to mind why for example every cube in a base needs replication enabled and memory perf is the decay timer(s) etc for every block. However they would appear to have re-routed this given now you need a “repair hammer” to see that…

So yeah, not sure how i see your point holding here as it being thats the way it goes server-wise.

Even in UE4 this is a non-issue if coded correctly. UE5 …well that problem disappears quickly.

Nothing about this 3.0 release has given me any hint of confidence in the notion that the game has undergone quality assurance at a reasonable level. There are so many obvious markers in the release that spell out “if it compiles, ship it” behaviours.

I wouldn’t argue against your remarks for sure. Its very likely a terrible release and mileage may differ with each “private” server owner. Its not to say one cancels the other out, it just seems broken.

You can argue the point given that people who post game reviews which have influencer outcomes, haven’t said really a word on the product either. So you could even seed an argument here that due to overwhelming historical negative criticism over the brand/products its not even worth their time picking up the title to review it as well.

There’s so much lost potential market share acquistion here.

Ahh code… we meet again on this point… go another round shall we on quantitive vs qualitative anayslis :smiley: … 41k was the initial acquisition, 50% and dropping is the retention… and now with duping as an issue that number will likely dip further.

What the data tea leaves spell out is this “Oh cool, sorc…ergh…game sucks, out”

I can’t speak to the number but I do have a buddy who works at Zendesk, he plays Conan. He stated that all Zendesk employees have access to customer accounts via impersonate and audit section in their customer account(s). He’s taken a look at Zendesk and sees non-stop tickets on this discussion.

If that is to be believed, then its likely the number of drop-offs in game are more towards the problems of anti-social behaviours and lack of support than actual feature related issues of balance.

Let me say that again… more people are likely to remove the game due to cheating/anti-social issues without server support than because they dislike a feature of the game in its legitimate form.

Pure ancetodal evidence though so take it as that.

I can challenge that with a counter point. If Dune franchise is their current focus then distractions of Conan is more likely to be a less priority.

330+ ppl aren’t working on conan full time, so your gurantee is not as confidently backfilled as you infer.

They’ve done this in the past and they didn’t once display a hint of remorse in doing so. Siptah came out, they regressed the title into “early access” mode to hide behind the veil of “EA and all conditions apply” when it came to quality assurance. Taking a retail release, regressing into EA mode to then push out a DLC mutatation demonstrates that the behaviour of Funcom is less focused on customer sentiment and their own impulsive behaviour.

i work on a AAA game and we mock Funcoms attempt to secure talent for Dune. The industry joke I see all too often is people wincing at Funcom being on their resume due to titles of the past. There is no upside to having that on your resume in the industry given how flat the quality levels are on the brand itself.

From memory it took them quite an aggressive drive and awhile to secure roles for the positions outlined. Furthermore you look at some of the resumes that got accepted and there is a lot of “new blood” thrown into the mix of things.

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When I say “they” I don’t mean each consecutive employee, there would be at least a small team assigned full time hours to Conan maintenance. I never implied the entire company would be working on Conan. Obviously they have other projects. I meant that at least three or more are working full time on the game.

I have serious doubts this is true is my point though. I get the implicaton on "why’ or how you came to assert this as it would be “normal” to carve out a support team for ongoing focus on a SKU like this within a studio.

However, it would make little sense to starve their Dune project timelines by putting capable talent on a product like Conan when they are still hungry for new devs to be hired. Resource balance issues would dictate chances are the people who are watching Conan aren’t exactly in a position to update anything beyond whatever Unreal Engine widgets they created for them (ie non-developers).

While I haven’t removed the game yet I have taken a step back for those reasons. I paid for the game multiple times and prior to 3.0 have purchased all the DLCs at full cost. I’ve invested thousands of hours into the game so I’ve certainly gotten my monies’ worth. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and now they’re close friends even though I’ve never met them.

I’ve experienced balls to the ■■■■■■■ wall battles, high energy experiences that if it were not for the game I wouldn’t have has the pleasure of stepping into.

My love of Robert E. Howards’ works, my nostalgic obsession of the franchise, meeting and owning original works of Conan comic book artists’, growing up on sword and sorcery and it heavily influencing my art and imagination.

All this to say that I feel I’ve been robbed of my hobby and the solace I gained in the game by the company itself. From multiple suspensions for what I still have not clucking idea, to the lack of communication and the rampant hacking problem plaguing PVP. I was the clan leader of 10 people that looked to me for guidance and grounding while we fought wars and had fun, then 2 of them being unceremoniously permabanned by unscrupulous usage of Zendesk.

I’ll wait, loudly and hope.


IF we all take one thing away from these threads its this exact sentence. Nothing more to add, well said.

Its risky… but walking away is healthy at times. Sadly… we have no real game to sink our teeth into …ahh the cycle of abuse.


Yeah. A lot of the studios we work with have a ton of rookie devs. They are cheaper. Commercial software is the same as well. It actually starts to bite you when you get older and more experienced because no one wants to pay you anymore.